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University Management

What would you think would be the aggregate terms used in managing a university as a whole?
The computer center?
Buildings and grounds?
An individual major?

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There are over 5,500 institutions of higher education in the United States (UNESCO, 2010). That's an average of 115 per state. With so many options for pursuing higher learning in this country, it seems as though every student should be able to find his or her niche in the post-secondary market. However, research by Birnbaum (1988) indicates that most colleges and universities fall, more or less, into one of five distinct categories - collegial institutions, bureaucratic institutions, political institutions, anarchical institutions, and cybernetic institutions. So even though thousands of post-secondary institutions exist, many of them share similar organizational and governing structures.

Core values are important for establishing aggregate terms that build effective relationships among and between all levels of campus life - including students, support staff, faculty, and administrators. Core values are defined as "the foundation on ...

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Explains the aggregate terms and concepts essential to management of a college or university.