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    Measuring Effectiveness of Greenhaven University's athletics

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    At Greenhaven University, some people feel that athletics is overly emphasized, and others feel that it is underemphasized.

    How would you go about measuring the effectiveness of this university relative to its athletics program? Explain.

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    Greenhaven University is a small university. It is a growing institution outside of the town of Greenhaven. It is newly constructed and doesn't even have a single Greek house established yet. It was the only university that emphasized on the sports in the colleges. In the athletics, the perception of people differs (Legacy Challenge: Petra's Greenhaven University, 2006). Some members of university believe that the sport is highly emphasized and some people believe that it is underemphasized in the college. There is the difference between the perceptions of the people.

    Greenhaven University is committed to provide quality educational experiences and also offers intercollegiate athletic. The university has designed internal programs to promote the individual growth of each student (Legacy Challenge: Petra's Greenhaven University, 2006). These programs promote individual and team achievement. It emphasizes to improve the academic success, social development and physical & emotional well-being of athletes. ...

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