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Business Management

Strategic Management

Is focusing on stability really a strategy or is it just a term for no strategy? What are the tradeoffs between an internal and an external growth strategy? I need each question to consist on a tleast 50 words with reference. Thank you Gail

Read Case Study, answer questions

Read the attached case study titled â??Naval Operating Base, Arkladelphiaâ? in which you are given a scenario regarding difficulties faced by a negotiator in a â??sole sourceâ? situation. Read through the case study and answer the three questions at the end regarding what Lieutenant Early should do. Justify your answers

Global Shipping Model Biz Ops

1. What is the role of lead time, transportation costs and production costs in terms of the cost decisions? 3-4 solid paragraphs please. - use any of the information below if necessary. 1. The bill of material for a bike is as follows: 2. The forecast annual demand for of bikes in the United States is 20,000 units.

Importance of good instructional design. What is rapid e-learning?

Identify characteristics of good instructional design. Why are these important? What is rapid e-learning and why would an instructional designer ever use this method of creating training? Is this the same as accelerated learning? Please give substantive information and argument.


****I NEED ASSISTANCE WITH THIS PLEASE****ORIGINAL INFORMATION***** You have been assigned to a scientific commission whose mandate is to research ways of reducing air pollution from motor vehicles. Your specific assignment is to research the following types of alternative-fuel vehicles that are currently under development,

Managing change Apple computer Inc.

Managing Change -Apple Computer Inc. Could you please help me with this assignment? Managing Change (Apple Computer Inc.) Need to ensure that I have cover the 3 areas: 1.Areas in which managers must be knowledgeable (e.g., process re-engineering and restructuring, innovating application of goods and services, approaches to

Strategic management process within the global environment

Using your text, and Internet resources, explain the Strategic Management process. Include the different aspects of the Strategic Management process. Superior posts will include examples from industry. RUBRIC: Objective: Explain the strategic management process within the global environment.


Discussion Question # 3 If a certain negotiating style does not work for you in a given situation, is it always advisable to try a different style in a subsequent attempt? What elements are essential to successful negotiations? Why would an entity or individuals be unwilling to work with a win-win style? Is it possible t

HEWLETT PACKARD: final implementation plan

HEWLETT PACKARD In this assignment, you are to discuss the final implementation plan. Include the following for discussion: State how the implementation will proceed. Provide a preliminary timeline for that implementation. Indicate your plans for revising your strategic plan in the face of obstacles that cannot be overco

Multiple Headquarters: A Sixth Stage of International Development

Read Multiple Headquarters: A Sixth Stage of International Development on page 294 in our textbook, and also read the article Borders are So 20 th Century from Business Week Magazine: What are the advantages and disadvantages of dispersing corporate functio

Measure performance and reward for company that packs books

You own a nonunion company with 100 employees. The majority of the workforce packs books into boxes for shipment to customers throughout the United States. Because of wide differences in performance, you have decided to try performance appraisal, something never done before. Until now, you have given every worker the same-

Greenby Community Mental Health Center: Display program effectiveness, efficiency

What process and outcome evaluation could be used to display the effectiveness and efficiency of the following program? At the Greenby Community Mental Health Center, the Consultation and Education Department was about to go under. Although consultation and education are required for all community mental health centers, not

Self-Appraisal and Self-Review Process: Benefits?

Some companies use a performance measurement process based on an employee reviewing their own performance. The self-appraisal is then read by the employee's manager, discussed and amended if necessary, and the manager would then approve the amended appraisal. I have heard friends and colleagues complain about this system. Som

Ford Pinto Case Study

Case study...please Explain ways in which external social pressures have influenced your decision

Parker Earth Moving: Implement revised business practice using forecasting

Background Parker Earth Moving Company has been in business for 34 years and has traditionally been profitable. The company has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality small earthmoving equipment used in the home and small-business landscaping industries. The company produces four models of earthmoving equipment. T

Describe the Economic Environment of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Research an organization of your choice and submit a research project that describes this organization. Include the following criteria: Describe the basic legal, social, and economic environments of the organization Describe the managerial, operational and financial issues of the organization Identify the impact of potent

Evaluate District Performance for Hanover-Bates Chemical Corporation

See attached file. Read Case A-5,(attached) on the Hanover-Bates Chemical Corporation, you are assisting Jim Sprague in his new role. Respond to these questions using APA format. 1. Evaluate the performance of the northeast district in comparison with the other Hanover-Bates sales districts. 2. What are the weak sp

Statement Of Work Services

Purchasing of services often involves creating a statement of work. You need to hire some financial auditors to help with the annual audit. Create a statement of work for these auditors, and discuss why you chose to include that content.

Microsoft's Corporate Citizenship

Review Microsoft's statements about its corporate citizenship programs at and respond to the following: Discuss how the company's commitment to global citizenship provides positive benefits for its stakeholders. Discuss how Microsoft plans to improve social and econo

presentation on nutritional needs at a selected stage of life

Lifecycle Nutrition Presentation > Each Learning Team will select a stage in the lifecycle. These stages include preschool. Prepare a PowerPoint® presentation on nutritional needs at a selected stage of life. The presentation should be 10-15 slides. The presentation must include speaker's notes and at least 3 references

Process Analysis: Casino Money-Handling Process

Please see attached case study "Analyzing Casino Money-Handling Process" and answer the following questions. 1) Draw a diagram of the drop process. How long should it take to empty 300 silver dollar slot machines? 2) Draw a diagram of the hard count process. How long should this process take to complete for 300 silver doll


It is my thoughts that, when a person reaches a certain level of self-actualization, their other hierarchy of needs can become irrelevant. For example, Buddhist monks reach such a level in meditation and can resist all other needs - social, physiological etc. They can even get the point such as was displayed during one of the wa