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Business Management

Managing Operating Exposure and FX Risk at Nissan

Managing operating exposure and FX risk at Nissan. Global businesses are often exposed to financial risks such as currency volatility. These foreign exchange (FX) risks affect all aspects of a global firm. Next, you will read about the automobile industry. Auto makers' operations and manufacturing can be affected by currency

Different Generations at Work

Different generations tend to view work life differently in terms of dedication, expectations, interactions, and purpose of work. In a 2-3 page paper, first describe your generation, whether it is Baby Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y, or a different generation. Next, describe your view points on work in regard to dedication, expectations,

Qualitative Research Methodology: Military Study

The subject is "Don't ask, Don't Tell." (In the military) When looking at methodology, you should break it out as follows: Design (ex. how you will set up your study) Sampling (ex. info on your study population) Data Collection and Analysis (qualitative)

Research Scaling (Workplace Study)

Use at least two different types of questions in the survey attached. Analyze the responses and comment on the validity and reliability of your questionnaire. Describe your results from this short study. See the attached file.

What is the opportunity cost of seeing Eric Clapton vs Bob Dylan?

You have won a free ticket to see an Eric Clapton concert (which has no resale value). Bob Dylan is playing that same night and is your next best activity. Tickets to see Dylan cost $40. On any given day, you would be able to pay up to $50 to see Dylan. Assume there are no other costs of seeing either performer. Based on this in

Forecasting for the Jersey Dairy Products Company

The Jersey Dairy Products Company produces cheese, which it sells to supermarkets and food processing companies. because of concernes about cholesterol and fat in cheese, the company has seen demad for its products decline during the past decade. It is now considering introducint some alternative low fat dairy products and w


In order to be successful in my chosen Masters program (MBA), I have to be an individual that is self-motivated. Self-motivation is a crucial factor in increasing the probability of the successful matriculation and completion of my Masters program. Although my professors will be presenting me with the material that is required

Proposal for a Wireless Network: System Requirements, Costs, ROI, Security

Develop a proposal for a wireless network that includes, System Requirements, Costs, Anticipated ROI (Return on Investment) - You do not have to calculate an actual ROI, just explain how the project you have selected will save the company money in the long run. Security Issues - How does the product deal with issues such the

Training and Development: Evaluation of Training Measures

Training and development is important for organizations to help increase productivity. In utilizing Kirkpatrick's understanding of training model of reaction, learning, transfer and results, why are evaluations needed in organizations?

Job Applications and Cover Letters

1. What are some resources to tap into when writing a cover letter? 2. Where might you be able to obtain solid, descriptive, and accurate information about yourself that articulates your skills and/or qualifications to a prospective employer?

The Development of Ambulatory Care Centers

There is a growing trend in ambulatory care centers. Many ambulatory care centers may be taking business away from hospitals or other types of organizations. Some ambulatory care centers will only accept the best payers or the most healthy patients leaving patients with poor payers or no insurance or who are ill to be served by

Business Management: Index Conversion and Forecasting

1. Convert the 48 monthly data points from the data into an index. Use the 1st month in the data set as your base amount. 2. Identify which month was used as the base month. 3. Use the time series data from the index to forecast inventory for the 49th month. This forecast should incorporate linear regression methodology to

Public Administration: Privatization

Assess whether contracting out or privatization is advantageous for public management as sort of a way to break unions formed by public employees.

Quantitative Methods for Business

A value for probabilistic input from a discrete probability distribution: a. is the value given by the RAND() function. b. is given by matching the probabilistic input with an interval of random numbers. c. is between 0 and 1. d. must be non-negative Each point on the efficient frontier graph associated with the Markow

Cross Price Elasticity of Demand and Brand Competition

How can the identification of complements (negative cross elasticity) or substitutes (positive cross elasticity) be used to determine a brand's potential competitors? Cross Price Elasticity of Demand and Brand Competition Cross Price Elasticity of Demand and Brand Competition used to determine a brand's potential compet

Cross-Price Elasticity and Complements

Positive cross-price elasticity is said to occur when the demand and price for two products are moving in the same direction. If cross-price elasticity is positive, does that mean two products are complements? Why or why not?

Experimentation Critique (Research)

Find a research report that uses experimentation. Write a critique on that experiment Describe the independent and dependent variables used in the study. Comment on the sampling used to gather subjects, as well as on the reliability and validity of the study. I have attached a study however; any research study will

Team-Based Pay in a Knowledge-Based World (HR)

Define them and provide examples of each of them. 1. Shared leadership roles 2. Individual and mutual accountability 3. Specific team purpose that the team itself delivers 4. Collective work products 5. Open-ended discussion and active problem-solving meetings 6. Performance measured directly by assessing collective work p

Suggestion System, Cost Reduction vs. Profit Sharing

Question #1 The suggestion system has been a major element in any employer plan to encourage greater employee involvement. What are the factors that failed many systems? Question # 2 What are the major differences between the cost-reduction and profit-sharing program? What are the philosophic issues underlying each t

Market Forces and Unionization (Retail Food Industry)

In this posting, we look at a chosen industry's receptivity to unionization. In so doing, the factors that led to the determination as such are also reviewed, and a labor market analysis performed so as to support any conclusions.

Business Responsibility: Milton Friedman Versus Archie Carroll

Can you help me with this assignment? I need to come up with a summary of both Milton Friedman (traditional view of business responsibility) and Archie Carroll main points (four responsibilities of business). I also need examples of organizations that use both types views.