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    Changes for a work team with problems breaking them apart

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    Find a video clip or cartoon online depicting a work team with problems or a work group grappling with a difficult problem, which appears to be breaking them apart (you can clip the segment to not show the positive end that may its conclusion). Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their group behavior and their chances for making a successful decision.

    Then propose the two (2) changes that are most likely to move this team from funky and flunking out to fabulous. Explain what you would do to dramatically improve this group's performance. Submit a link to your inspiration video/cartoon along with your proposed changes.

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    Effective Team Work:

    Team behavior will always determine the capability of a work group or a team's behavioral strengths and weaknesses which arise in the cases of a problem solving act within the team. Team work refers to a joint action by a group of people whereby each person subordinates their own personal interest and opinions which are going to unify and ensure that the group is efficient. Team work however goes beyond individual accomplishments since all the team members contributions should be harmonized towards the achievement of the organization's common goal (Thenmozhi, n.d.).

    A group behavior emanates from the causes of the group's effectiveness. During a group's functionality and interaction with group members, unique characteristic sets are developed such as structure, cohesiveness, roles, norms and processes.

    From the video clip there are several strengths which can be noticed in the group's behavior and their chances in making a successful decision. The various strengths associated to the group include several factors such as, the group members do not ...

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