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Jet propulsion laboratory for the MBE mission

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I am looking for assistance in the analysis of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory case study.

1. Should Gentry Lee recommend launch or delay for the MBE mission? What are the most important factors to consider in this decision?

2. Identify the principal risk-management processes used in the MBE project. What role does each play, and what is critical for its success?

3. Consider the role of JPL's senior systems engineer, Gentry Lee. What challenges did he face when implementing the risk management process at JPL? What characteristics seem critical for his success?

4. Do the new risk management processes match JPL's strategy and culture?

"Jet Propulsion Laboratory" by Robert S. Kaplan and Anette Mikes
Harvard Business School case, no. 9-110-031

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Launch or Delay of the MBE Mission
Gentry Lee should recommend delay for the MBE mission. This is because there are some drawbacks in the process implementation that can create problems in the future for the success of the mission. It will be difficult to collect and integrate the information across many large teams. Different resources such as advanced technologies and machinery, skilled staff, capital required, etc. should be considered that will be required for fulfillment of the mission. It will be difficult to maintain the documentation due to occurrence of changes. Apart from this, budget will be another factor to be considered because there is also less availability of budget for implementing this mission. Expertise and skills of the team members will be considered because they are graduates and inexperienced as they should be trained by providing training and development programs (JPL, 2013).

Risk-Management Process
The principal risk management process starts with the formation of a risk review team having 12 persons for each project. These persons are experienced, skillful, and technical experts appointed from NASA, JPL ...

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