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    Heat Transfer Problem: Transient Solutions

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    Molybdenum is utilized in high temperature situations because of it high melting point. It is silvery white in color, very hard, and has one of the highest melting points of all pure elements. Molybdenum on Earth is not found free but as a compound. The only pure Molybdenum that has ever been found was by the Russian Luna 24 Mission on the moon. Molybdenum is commonly used in rockets. Suppose that pure Molybdenum had been mined from the moon. A spacecraft propulsion system is built using a slab of this pure Molybdenum in its construction. The pure Molybdenum slab has dimensions 8cm x 5cm. Due to energy generation, the bar is maintained at 1250° C. The slab is then subjected to convective heating due to a long burn maneuver. Here it is exposed to an ambient T∞=2000°C. Assuming the heat transfer coefficient is h=350 W/sq. m-C calculate the center temperature of the bar at t=5 minutes after the start of heating exposure.

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    This solution gives the steps to solve this transient heat transfer problem. Dimensionless temperature parameter, Biot number, and Fourier number are utilized to solve the problem.