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Example of Transient Response in Time Domain

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Please see the attached file for full problem description.
Please give a full detailed explanation of the questions in the attached file to give me an in-depth understanding to aid revision.

Sketch, on a set of common axes, waveforms to represent the transient response of circuits having transfer functions with the following parameters:
(Please see the attached file)

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This response looks at the Laplace domain analysis of under and over damped 2nd order responses and time domain representation. It includes an attached 11 page maths and theory document plus a spreadsheet to derive the transient plot responses.

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Please see the attached file for full problem description
Second order system response

A second order system is usually described by the second order Laplacian transfer function H(s) given below:
(please see the attached file)

Where (please see the attached file) is known as the natural angular frequency of such a system, (please see the attached file) is the damping coefficient and (please see the ...

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