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    Physics: Four Heat Transfer Problems

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    Heat Transfer Problems

    1. How much heat is conducted in 1.0h through an iron plate 2.0cm thick and the 1,000cm2 in area, the temperatures of the two sides being kept at 0 and 20°C?
    Answer = 4.0 x 106 cal

    2. Compute the heat conducted per hour through a plate-glass window of area 15ft2 and thickness ¼ in, when the inside temperature is 70°F and the outside temperature is 20°F, The thermal conductivity of the glass is 5.8 Btu(h)(ft2)(F°/in).
    Answer = 17,000Btu/h

    3. How many watts will be radiated from a spherical blackbody of 15.0cm in diameter at a temperature of 800°C?
    Answer = 5.4kW

    4. A blackbody is at a temperature of 500°C. What should its temperature be in order that it radiates twice as much energy per second?

    Answer = 646°C

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