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Predict the signs of q and w for the reaction

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Please give complete answers and details on how to think about these problems. Also, explain reasoning on how you get your answer please!

Predict the signs of q and w for the following:

A. Condensing water in an exothermic process at P=1 atm and T=370K. H20(g) -> H20(l)

B. Subliming CO2(dry ice) - an endothermic process at P=1 atm and T=298K CO2(s) -> CO2(g)


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When water condenses, the molecules come together. There are forces (hydrogen bonds) holding the molecules together.

Think of it like this: When two magnets come together, or when an asteroid is pulled to earth. You have forces pulling two things towards each other. As they become closer and closer, energy changes form. In the case of the magnets and the asteroid, ...

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It predicts the signs of heat and energy for two reactions.