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    Sponsor an internal study on sexual harassment in the workplace

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    A major corporation agrees to sponsor an internal study on sexual harassment in the workplace. This is in response to concerns expressed by its female employees. How would you handle the following issues?

    a The communication approach (self-administered, telephone, personal interview, and/or mixed).
    b The purpose: Fact finding, awareness, relationship building, and/or change.
    c Participant motivation.
    d Minimization of response and non response error.

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    To prepare employees for the sexual harassment in the workplace study I would design the methodology so that employees feel comfortable answering sensitive questions. For the subject matter I would choose self-administered survey questionnaire. The survey can be given to each employee and dropped in a sealed box in a location where it cannot be tampered with but with easy access for employees. I can also put the survey online through the company web site, so employees can answer questions in their own time in relative privacy.

    The purpose of the study is fact finding, awareness, relationship building, and ...

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    The expert sponsors an internal study on sexual harassment in the workplace. How to minimize the response and non response errors are examined.