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    Sexual Harassment and Deontology

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    The topic is sexual harassment in the workplace and the ethical theory being used is Deontology. I need 350 words on impact of the topic (sexual harassment) and theory Deontology.

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    Sexual harassment is an inappropriate sex-related behavior. It can be a derogatory comment or an inappropriate way of touching someone. Sexual harassment can also be a form of sexual visual presentation, joke, derogatory poster or illustrations. Although it appears these examples are not that serious, sexual harassment needs to be properly handled especially when it is considered heinous such as a quid pro quo sexual harassment.
    In the workplace, sexual harassment can be demands of sexual favors from someone with higher authority. Oftentimes, these supervisors or managers ask their subordinates for these type of favors in exchange for a job position, ...

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    Sexual harassment is described. The Deontology/Deontological theory is examined. The deontology approach on sexual harassment in the workplace is provided. The solution is 457 words with 2 non-APA references.