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    Adobe and Flexible Work Schedule

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    Should Adobe establish a policy for granting a flexible work schedule

    Explain the policy

    This case is from Bohlander and Snell 14th edition.

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    I used the book (pg. 502) and also http://www.businessknowhow.com/manage/flex-work.htm

    An example of a sample flexible work schedule policy can be found at http://www.ie511.org/downloads/FlexibleWorkSchedPolicy.pdf

    Adobe currently lacks a set policy, which causes employees to become disgruntled, and feel jilted when they compare themselves to their co-workers. Childless workers complain, and all sorts of false conclusions can be drawn, when in fact the company has been trying to appease as many workers as possible. Unfortunately, granting these requests causes employees to grumble and feel less valued when they see other employees appear to get special privileges. In addition, the ...

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    This solution addresses a case study in which Adobe is dealing with employees desiring a flexible work schedule. It establishes guidelines for a flexible work schedule.