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progressive model proposed by Kahn and Rowe

Kahn and Rowe believe a flexible, four-hour module would benefit adults trying to balance work and family life, students trying to balance school with work experience, and senior citizens trying to gradually phase into retirement. For example, they envision a person working eight hours on some days, four hours on others, and dealing with school and family on the rest.

How practical it this new format? Would it work in some types of organizations (e.g., hospitals, restaurants, etc.) better than others? What kind of work schedule does your place of employment utilize?

Kahn, R. L., & Rowe, J. (1998). Successful aging. New York, NY: Pantheon.

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I argue that the progressive model proposed by Kahn and Rowe is great in theory in order to provide more personal time, more effectively manage stress, and keep morale at work positive. I've seen it work in other countries, but I feel that the American and overall Western work ethic is so driven and pervasive ...

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This solution debates the usefulness of the progressive model proposed by Kahn and Rowe.