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Business Management

Airport Congestion

"congestion at the major airports results in over 25,000 hours of delay per month, inconvenience to the traveling public, and increases the direct operating costs by more than $10 million per month for the domestic airline industry," if you are a management scientist, you need to find ways of relieving the congestion at the airp

Management Science Question: CHB Inc.

CHB, Inc., is a bank holding company that is evaluating the potential for expanding into a 13-county region in the southwestern part of the state. State law permits establishing branches in any county that is adjacent to a county in which a PPB (principal place of business) is located. The following map shows the 13-county regio

Workplace privacy: Where would you draw the line

Currently, workplace privacy is a very hot topic and it continues to be a contentious issue because technology is outpacing the law. New technologies for communication and new technologies for surveillance go beyond what the law has previously addressed. Explain what right to privacy you believe an employee should enjoy at wo

Financial ratios to industry averages in an Excel Spreadsheet

1) Examine the company's financial statements, Compare key financial ratios of the company to industry averages, and submit your Excel spreadsheet 2)The CEO believes that the company should be outperforming industry averages in many of the key metrics. Please provide an analysis and explanation of their meaning and significan

Approaches to Change Management

Regarding making changes to software, please review three generic approaches to change management listed below. Please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. Which approach would you use? Why? - Any and all changes made to the code base must be approved by a change control board prior to implementat

Marketable Emission Credits and Economic Efficiency

Explain why economists believe that marketable emission credits add to overall economic efficiency. Other groups in our society prefer across-the-board limitations on maximum discharges of air pollutants by firms. What are the different goals of these two groups? How are voters to decide which path to follow?

Linear Programming: Maximize profit in Excel Solver

Solve the following linear programming problem graphically, Maximize profit= 4x + 6y, Subject to: x + 2y ,< 8, 5x + 4y < 20, Non-negativity requirements x, y > 0, the greater than and less than sign have line under therm.

Worker Productivity During the Holidays

Keeping Workers' Attention During the Holidays http://www.businessweek.com/management/keeping-workers-attention-during-the-holidays-11112011.html Our text gives examples as to what may cause a decrease in the performance readiness of an employee/group: problems at work, problems at home, or just plain boredom (Hersey, Blan

Retail Management - Mock Behavioral Interview

Scenario: You are a manager of a retail store chain. The store sales is over 40 million. There are store metrics to measure customer service, backroom processes, safety and front-end processes. You have co-store managers, assistant managers, department managers and several sales associates. All questions have to include the p

Senior Management: Important factor to successful implementation of new system

You are part of the senior management team of your own company. You have been named to lead a cross-functional team that will introduce and implement a major change in your central operating system. Your team anticipates significant resistance to this initiative since the company has been using the old system for over 10 years.

Training and Development: Improving employee orientation

Have you ever gone through an employee orientation? How did the experience meet the goals (i.e., reduce anxiety, reduce turnover, save time, develop realistic expectations) of orientation? Offer two (2) suggestions for improvement of the program

Why employers offer benefits and services

Considering the role of employees, employers, unions and government, list at least two reasons why employers offer benefits and services. Describe the most important benefit you receive from your employer and explain why you value that benefit above all others.

Speaking the Truth: Minority position, consequences

1. Describe an instance when you stood up and spoke out for what was right even though you were in the minority or were greatly outnumbered. 2. Analyze the consequences of standing up and indicated whether you would do it again. 3. Analyze an instance when someone told you the hard truth about something you did or didn'

Change management products

Use the Internet to identify at least two software change management products. Contrast their features and costs. Please include references. Thank you for the help!!

Sales Management: Consider ethnic factors in assigning territories to sales reps

A company may adjust its territorial boundaries in large citites because of the market concentration of certain racial, national, or religious groups. One part of a city may have a heavy ethnic concentration. Retailers also may be predominantly of the same ethnic group, and use of the group's native language may be widespread i

Salespeople's territories

Salespeople normally are prohibited from going outside their territorial boundaries in search of business. Sometimes, however, a customer located in one district will voluntarily seek out a sales rep or branch office located in another district. Perhaps this customer can realize a price advantage by buying outside his/her home

Implications of Transformational Leadership

- Provide some information about 3-4 organizations. (Company industry, products/services, size, employees, core values, information on CEO, company culture, etc.) - what are the implications of transformational leadership issues in these organizations. - How have these organizations have solved these issues

Global Operations Management for Bit Technology, Inc.

Consider the following scenario and respond to the questions that follow. A new firm, Bit Technology Inc., is deciding where to locate its facilities internationally. If this firm is a high-tech manufacturing firm, what resource and operational factors should be considered in this decision? How might the organization's identity

Job performance model vs. Maslow's and McClelland's need theories.

Discuss two of the following statements. Discuss the job performance model and compare and contrast Maslow's and McClelland's need theories. Review the Four Intrinsic Rewards underlying intrinsic motivation, how managers can cultivate motivation in others, and the causes and consequences of job satisfaction. Describ

Research Proposal Process

I need help with these questions to help write a paper on research proposal what section of a research proposal discusses the reliability of any test that are to be used? which sections of a research proposal states what contribution has been made by previous research? Which is a common criticism of research articles? Data


What are the various roles HR plays in organizations, from generalists to specialists? What are the various specialties of HR management, such as employee relations and staffing management? Choose one specialty, and describe the key competencies and strategic assistance that it provides to an organization.

Clearing Up Fuzzy Front Ends of Projects

Besides the usual problems generally associated with product development such as assigning tasks to competent people, monitoring progress, and dealing with delays and changing requirements, there are also several challenges unique to developing software. Among these are managing a process that moves forward in small increments a