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    Implementing Future Trends in Training

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    Visit Teleportec to read about the introduction of holograms for training purposes. This is one example of future trends in training. Discuss your view of how training will be conducted ten years from now. Include in your discussion the changes your view requires of management.


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    As demonstrated by Teleportec (teleportec.com), the amazing "Star Trek" like technology of teleporting images of people from one location to a conference room or office training area across the globe is proof that classrooms and curriculum are dramatically changing. Add to that the quick and continual advances in the internet and web based communications through social mediums and wifi access being available almost everywhere due to Smart phone technology and one can quickly begin to form a vision in their mind of how things will progress over the next 10 years.

    Here are some key areas that I believe will continue advancing and be common changes to the learning environment over the next decade. These specific changes in training environments that I predict are as follows:

    * The learning environment will be much more informal based learning with a strong emphasis placed on social media and internet ...

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    For managers, this new era in training will require a paradigm shift. Training managers will become "knowledge advisors" as they help guide employees through technology based programs that conduct the training. Training will be self managed so managers will not have as much of a formal role in this process. Organizations will only manage the progress of the employees completion of specific training, not the training curriculum itself, this will be technology based on an individual basis.