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Employee Obsolescence

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Obsolescence is a reduction in an employee's competence resulting from a lack of knowledge of new work processes, techniques, and technologies that have developed since the employee completed his or her education.
Describe how you would address that challenge by providing specific, realistic examples. What obstacles would you face in implementing your solution(s)?

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This solution discusses how to continue to increase skills in workplace to avoid obsolescence, providing examples. It also discusses obstacles that might impede increasing skills. APA references are included.

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Obsolescence is a challenge for both the employee and the employer. Both parties must take an active role in ensuring that on-going training occurs to prevent a lack of knowledge in new processes, techniques and technologies. Skills needed in the workplace continue to change, and one of the main ways to prevent lower productivity is to hire people with the ability to gain ongoing skills and communicate with others.

According to a survey of over 750 human resource professionals, "82% of respondents agreed that employees have to learn more and faster to succeed in their roles than they did five years ago; yet 51% of HR leaders confirmed that are some way off from delivering to their full potential when it comes to providing employees with the right training and knowledge for their roles" (Lumhan, 2012). This means the employee must take the initiative to learn new skills. This might occur by taking continuing education courses, reading industry information, or participating in training seminars.

It is ultimately in the employee's best interest to further his or her skills, not only to help their current ...

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