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P Chart for Detroit Central Hospital

Detroit Central Hospital is trying to improve its image by providing a positive experience for its patients and their relatives. Part of the program involves providing tasty, inviting patient meals that are also healthy. A questionnaire accompanies each meal served, asking the patient, among other things, whether he or she is satisfied or unsatisfied with the meal. A 100-patient sample of the survey results over the past seven days yielded the following data:

Day No. of Unsatisfied Patients Sample Size
1 24 100
2 22 100
3 8 100
4 15 100
5 10 100
6 26 100
7 17 100

Construct a p chart that plots the percentage of patients unsatisfied with their meals. Set the control limits to include 99.73 percent of the random variation in meal satisfaction. Comment on your results.

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