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    MBTI Theory - Team Execution

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    Can you help me with the following assignment/project?

    Identify a fictional or real-life example of a project that requires team execution in a team that includes your participation. Incorporate MBTI theory and insights gained from your own experiences to design a team strategy. Incorporate details on team creation, organization, and leadership functions needed to achieve successful projection completion, and information on your participation and contribution to the team process as a leader, manager, or follower.

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    I cannot write your paper for you, but I can outline a project using the information provided. From this, a few explanations about the MBTI testing, the way it can help a person to gain insight they need, and a conclusion should fill out your paper. These are drawn from your textbooks and lecture notes.

    Our office works with the developmentally disabled and we are attempting to find a way to best utilize eight workers for our six clients. The clients all need a range of services. All of our workers are certified in their area of expertise. While the clients all need help, none of the need around the clock assistance as most are limited in the number of hours allowed for help to twenty hours or less per week.

    The workers we have are trained in Supported Living Coaching, In Home Supports, Personal Care, and Supported Employment. We are also involved with Companion Services. Some of these clients are through a federal program called the Medicaid Waiver Services; some are private pay clients. One is currently under no program and we work with him through our nonprofit organization. We hire based on experience, education (state requirements), and philosophy (our criteria as a company and organization).

    Personal Care (PC) workers help clients with their day to day needs of personal care to include cooking for them, helping them bathe, dress, move about, and handle their medical equipment if they have any. In Home Supports (IHS) assist with day to day needs as well, but they are more involved with helping the person learn to do the cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, than actually performing the care for the client. One day they may be helping sweep and mop and cook and another day go grocery shopping, to the movies, or do crafts with the client. Companions' help clients go places and do things they might be hesitant to try on their own and supply them with someone to talk to and learn from, while learning to navigate the world at large and at home.

    Our Supported ...

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    The following posting discusses examples of projects that require team execution. Concepts discussed include team strategy, organization and leadership functions.