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    Human Resource Plan for Project Management team (MBTI)

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    Develop a human resource plan for a project team based on the MBTI test results. If you would know that the group is made up of 4 members, 3 of them are of type ENTJ and 1 is ESTJ.

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    Human Resource Plan

    In order to develop a human resource plan for project team activities, the following processes are required to make the most effective use of the people involved with a project: For the planning stage: (1) Organizational planning & (2) Staff acquisition and for the execution stage: (3) Team development.

    During the organizational planning phase, there will be an introduction to the MBTI and before that, the participants are supposed to undertake the MBTI personality test so that they know what their preferences are. Facilitators then discuss the importance of learning one's personality type in helping teammates understand each other so that they can work harmoniously in the workplace. This is the goal of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. At this stage, the participants will understand each other's personality and how they relate to the other employees considering their knowledge of their MBTI preference.

    Staff acquisition is the assignment of the staff involved in the project teams. In this case, we have four members in each group, with three ENTJs and 1 ESTJ.

    Here are some guidelines to prepare for the project teams for the team development:
    1. Publish the project mission statement in a clear, concise way, preferably with 25 words or less.
    2. Identify the project-focused tasks for each member and also a team-focused task also known as "teamwork".
    3. Define clearly every team member's key task expectations regarding performance towards the project goals together with a range of measurable performance levels as a way of self-monitoring their performance progress.
    4. Define clearly each team member's key task expectations regarding the performance toward teamwork goals and range of measurable performance.

    Preparing the Project Member
    1. Every team member should receive a brief measurable and documented orientation.
    2. A project "kick-off" meeting that will discuss the purpose, nature, expectations of the ...

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    The solution discusses a human resource plan for a project team based on the MBTI test results wherein each group in the project team is composed of four members, 3 of them are ENTJs and one is ESTJ. Guidelines to prepare the team for project development are also explained further. Also included are the specific characteristics of members with ENTJ and ESTJ types and some suggested activities and workshops for the groups. References are also included.