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    MBTI Team Types

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    Can someone please help me with this? Please look at PDF and help me answer the four questions on the word doc. Thank you.

    1. What would the whole class do well?
    2. What challenges might the whole class face?
    3. What would the whole class need to do in order to be optimally effective?
    4. How specifically can you ensure that there are minimal tensions due to type differences?

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    1. What would the whole class do well?
    The general MBTI preference of the whole class is ESTJ with 80% of them Extraverts, 70% Sensing, 50% Thinking, and 70% Judging types.
    An ESTJ team/class is composed of people who are decisive and outspoken. They base their decisions on what has already been known and don't explore new possibilities. The class will be best in terms of organization and structure, so they will be systematic overall as a team. Since they are communicative, clear performance expectations can be achieved. They will enjoy ...

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    * The overall MBTI team type was generated from the MBTI Team Type Table. From there, the questions were responded to, e.g., class strengths, weaknesses/challenges, ways to improve effectiveness, and ensuring that differences can be handled well.
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