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    "congestion at the major airports results in over 25,000 hours of delay per month, inconvenience to the traveling public, and increases the direct operating costs by more than $10 million per month for the domestic airline industry," if you are a management scientist, you need to find ways of relieving the congestion at the airport and thus reduce costly delays. Discuss at least two management science tools, which could be applied to gain insight into the airport congestion problem. Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of tools.

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    There are several management science tools that can be used to gain insight into the airport congestion problem and to measure the effectiveness of feedback and communication among the customers and workers that are affected by the inconveniences:

    1. Solicit feedback in public settings (airport terminals, waiting rooms, ticket counters). Customers are critical to helping the understand what the key values of the airline industries should be to help ...

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    Explains the management science tools that can be used to address airport congestion.