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    The Pareto Principle: Implications for Managers

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    Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923) observed that 20% of the sources cause 80% of the effects. For example, 20% of the people in an organization do 80% of the work!

    Describe a specific example of the Pareto Principle at work that you have experienced.

    What are the implications of the Pareto Principle for management?

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    The Pareto Principle, which states that 20% of the people in an organization do 80% of the work, is something that seems to be everywhere in life and not just in business. So many people today seem to just "ride the wave" and not give 110% of effort in their work life.

    In many of the organizations I have worked for over the years, half the employees have given this 110% effort where half have not- however, the real numbers could be closer to 80-20 than my estimation. There will always be those people that do not mind giving their time and energy to working hard for a company and doing whatever is needed ...

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    This solution discusses the Pareto Principle as it applies to business, providing a specific example from the Expert's experience of this situation and its implications for management.