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    Putting Management Principles into Practice

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    On page 117, Wheatley discusses "The Great Paradox" of being able to prepare for the future without knowing what that future will be. She suggests that there is one core principle to thriving within this paradox: "People must be engaged in meaningful work together . . ." (p. 118). Review the ways (pp. 118-124) Wheatley talks about putting the principles into practice. Select what you think are the most relevant four of the seven suggested principles, and discuss their implications for managers.

    7 principles are listed below:

    -nourish a clear organizational identity
    -focus people on the bigger picture
    -communicate honestly and quickly
    -prepare for the unknown
    -keep meaning at the forefront
    -use rituals and symbols
    -pay attention to individuals

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    One of the most relevant of these principles is focusing people on the bigger picture. This has tremendous implications for managers due to the fact that focusing people on the bigger picture prevents staff members from being distracted by unimportant details, and provides a unified effort in completing objectives which he can help prepare for future occurrences. A second important principle is ...