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David and Goliath: "How David Beats Goliath."

Explain, in several paragraphs (no more than four), the implications of the Malcolm Gladwell article "How David Beats Goliath." Apply some aspects of the article to your experience and future.

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The article can provide lessons on how managers should create and develop a winning team and how to design their competitive strategies.
Among the lessons learned from the article are as follows:
1. Leadership style of a manager must be appropriate to the members of the team. A leader must therefore analyze the team in terms of their relevant demographic variables that may have a bearing on how they would handle the tasks assigned to them. This happened in the case of Vivek Ranadive, a coach of a National Junior Basketball team. To handle the team composed of members who were young, he must have to speak calmly and softly as he gives direction. To him, shouting would not be appropriate to such kind of a ...

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Hoe David Beats Goliath is determined.