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    Sculpture From the Earlier Renaissance period

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    Data about a sculpture from the earlier Renaissance period occurs. Information includes:

    1. Materials used
    2. Style and meaning
    3. Symbolism
    4. Aesthetic issues concerning the art
    5. Explain how the works of art fit into the context of the time period

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    As you look at a piece of sculpture from this era, you might use Jacopo della Quercia's "Madonna of Humility" from 1400 as an example. Its image is at http://www.nga.gov/cgi-bin/pinfo?Object=45727+0+none.

    As you explain how the work of art then fits into the context of the time period and craft your idea for a thesis for this paper, you might use this sample with another piece as the focal point:

    Early renaissance sculptors continued the medieval tradition of using religious subjects, yet many artists such as Donatello combined religion with classical ideals about the human body ...

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    An analysis of sculpture from the earlier Renaissance period is included.