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Proof that Giants Exsted

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Dear OTA,

I've got myself on wild goose chase and as an aspiring applied anthropologist, am desperately trying to provide a solid argument on the possibility that we (globally), were infiltrated/genetically by a species not of our earth. I don't to sound like a nut-ball, but I am fascinated with evolution and the recent DNA testing on these Faracus skulls is only the beginning of changing our perception re: the origins of man. I believe in the Africa migration theory. Very open-minded obviously). The elongated heads are 60% heavier than Homo Sapiens and were not subject to cranial disfigurement.

Please only respond if you are on this same path!

Thank you in advance.

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I don't know whether you are Christian or not, or if you believe in the Bible as a religious text. However, it can also be a historical text as ...

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This solution of 109 words will attempt to explain how other species of the genus homo came about.