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Circular Motion with Centripetal Acceleration

I need some help with circular motion physics questions:
1. Young David who slew Goliath experimented with slings before tackling the giant. He found that with a sling of length .598 m, he could develop a rotation rate of 8.04 rev/s in his weapon. If he increased the length to .892 m, he could revolve the sling only 5.99 times per second. What is the centripetal acceleration (in m/s/s) at 8.04 revolutions per second?
(Referring to the previous problem.) What is the centripetal acceleration (in m/s/s) at 5.99

2. It has been suggested that rotating cylinders several miles in length and several miles in diameter be placed in space and used as colonies. Suppose that you are an inhabitant of a space colony which is 9.7 miles in length and 4.8 miles in diameter. How many revolutions per hour must the cylinder have in order for the occupants to experience a centripetal acceleration equal to the acceleration of gravity? Given: 1609 m = 1 mile
Answer = rev/hr


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