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Circular Motion: Centripetal Acceleration and Minimum Force

Please identify all variables used.

1) An engine flywheel initially spinning 2000 rpm has an angular acceleration of -10 rad/s2 as it slows down. How long does it take for the flywheel to turn through 100 revolutions? How long does it take to stop?

2) A 50 kg child stand at the rim of a merry go round with a radius of 2.00 m, rotating with an angular speed of 3.00 rad/s

a) What is the child's centripetal acceleration?
b) What is the minimum force between her feet and the floor of the carousel that is required to keep her feet in the circular path?
c) what minimum coefficeint of static friction is required? Is the answer reasonable? In other words, is she likely to stay on the merry go round?

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