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    Business Management: Group-think

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    Please help me with an assignment by providing some thoughts on group-think:

    List some steps a manager can take to prevent group-think in his or her group/team.

    Thank you for your help.

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    1. The first way to limit group-think is to limit the size of the team. When a team becomes too big, ideas get lost in the group and only the most outspoken or forceful individuals are able to be heard. People then tend to follow those ideas because it is "easier" than to object when differences between their own ideas and others arise.

    2. Use an external point of view, or a "devil's advocate" to ensure the thorough consideration of ideas. External ideas and suppositions help people to see the possibilities and even correct misinterpretations of information.

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    This solution discusses the psychological concept of group-think and some strategies that managers can employ to avoid this phenomena within their team. Additionally, the solution includes two references for further investigation of the topic.