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Assignment: Healthcare Commercial Organizations

Use the business section of a major national newspaper, such as Wall Street Journal or New York Times, and research organizations related to healthcare. Write an article about the organizations. There are various types of commercial organizations:

Think tank
Patient's group
Business association
Small business firm (small market capitalization)
Professional association

In your article,
Give two examples of each type of commercial organization.
Discuss the health issue in which they have an interest.
Discuss what they manufacture, promote, sell, or regulate, and any positive relationships to healthcare.
Discuss what they manufacture, promote, sell, or regulate, and any negative relationships to healthcare.

Identified two examples of each type of commercial organization related to healthcare and the health issue in which the organizations have an interest.
Identified positive and negative relationships of the organizations' activities to healthcare.
Selected relevant information from reliable sources and synthesized information.

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Healthcare commercial organizations And examples:

There are various types of commercial organizations which are available for the healthcare industry. Some of the commercial organizations include Think tank, patients' group, Business association, Small business firms and professional association. A think tank commercial organization is a commercial organization which has the aim of conducting research and indulging in advocacy within social policy areas, military or economics among others (Business Association Italy, 2012). Think tanks are known to be organizations which does not generate profits and does not pay taxes as well. Some examples of think tanks include the Workplace Health & safety council and the Stanley foundation (Think tank, 2012).

Patient groups' commercial organizations have the capability raising awareness and advocacy on the different diseases and healthcare policy issues and how to maintain health in a desirable manner. The commercial group is also involved in the provision of support for patients through the setting up of different support groups and at the same time sensitizing society to ensure that the healthcare is ...

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The healthcare commercial organizations are determined. The major national newspapers are examined. The Wall Street Journal for New York Times is examined.