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    Managing information

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    Information systems and Digital Technology are used by firms in a variety of ways in order to achieve competitive advantage.

    Using suitable framework show how the use of information systems/ Digital Technology can be used to increase attractiveness of a particular market and increase competitive advantage in which an organization competes. Use example to backup statements where ever possible.

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    There are several ways in which information systems/digital technology can be used to increase attractiveness of a particular market. First, information technology can be used to spot the real segment. Information systems can be used to see and grip point of sale information. This can help identify the customers in the segment and if the segment is found to be large enough then it is attractive. Similarly, the market growth takes place when newer segments with long-term growth prospects are spotted and picked up. Information systems/digital technology is helpful in this. Customer choice data can be mined, customers that have made purchases can be phoned, and market research can be carried out with information systems/digital technology. For example, the marketer uses CCTV camera information from a store to discover new and attractive segments.

    Information systems/digital technology is also used to gain information about the segment profitability. For example, POS information can be used to recognize profitable ...

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