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    You work as a seller in a large auto dealership

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    You work as a seller in a large auto dealership. Your boss is all excited because he found a market research report titled, "What Women Want When Buying A New Car." The boss wants you to include the research findings in your sales presentations. But the report was written in 1974. Write three paragraphs about what problems may exist in the bosses idea. What could you suggest to help this situation?

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    Good evening,

    This question is really an exploration of the disadvantages of secondary research - which the 1974 report is and the advantages of conducting primary research when secondary research is inadequate.

    You must first provide a definition of secondary research and indicate that the 1974 report falls into this category.

    Next you must detail why this report is problematic for use:
    The date of the report is one focal point. Examine the idea that clearly what women wanted in a new car in 1974 would clearly not be the same as what women want in a new car in 2012 - hence the data is not ...

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    A large auto dealership is determined. The suggestion to help the situation are provided.