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How to generate a Car Sales Monthly Report using Arrays

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A certain auto dealership sells ten different models of autos and employs eight salespersons. A record of sales for each month can be represented by a table in which each row contains the number of sales of each model by a given salesperson and each column contains the number of sales by each salesperson for a given model. Write a program to produce a monthly sales report, displaying the monthly sales table in the form:


Model : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 : Totals



As indicated, the report should also display the total number of autos sold by each salesperson and the total number of each model sold by all salespersons

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Solution Summary

Teaches how to generate monthly sales report of autos for an auto company. The input consists of a table containing information on the number of salespersons and the number of autos they have sold. The output

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