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Negotiation and Bargaining Differentiation

1. Differentiate between types of negotiation outcomes (cross-cultural negotiation)
2. Determine strategies and tactics for distributive bargaining
3. Determine strategies and tactics for integrative negotiation

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For some cultures, such as those in the East (Japan, China, Vietnam) win-win is going to be very important. Of the four types, win-win, win-lose, lose-lose, and stalemate, it is going to follow their cultural traditions to make the best of any situation. In negotiations, someone from the East is more likely to yes, even if they mean no, just to preserve the relationship. Not all Westerners understand this and do not apply this to their negotiating strategies. Stalemates most commonly occur when there are issues of power and egos involved. This might help to explain negotiations between governments in the West and the Middle East. Win-lose in business leaves ...

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The expert differentiates between negotiation and bargaining. The strategies and tactics for integrative negotiations are given.