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Global Operations Management for Bit Technology, Inc

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Consider the following scenario and respond to the questions that follow. A new firm, Bit Technology Inc., is deciding where to locate its facilities internationally.

- If this firm is a high-tech manufacturing firm, what resource and operational factors should be considered in this decision?

- How might the organization's identity influence its structure?

- Explain the legal factors that must be considered when a company decides to locate its operations in a foreign country.

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This solution is comprised of a 430 word response, including references, which discusses a company which wants to locate its facilities internationally. This solution analyzes what considerations need to be made in addressing this decision and factors which need to be considered.

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1. A high tech firm will need educated and highly skilled workers. These workers will have to have skills in working with technical information. The company will need a strong research and development team to keep up with trends, so the workers involved will have to be not only educated and skilled in the field, but have some visionary skills as well. The resources will need equipment and materials that are compatible with the company's products. The country placement will depend on not only being able to access the materials, but also that the supply will be accessible in all conditions. Political stability and economic stability are two key points for resource acquisition.

In terms of ...

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