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    Caterpillar Inc.: Drivers and Consequences of Globalization

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    Prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which you analyze the drivers and consequences of globalization. In your paper be sure to address the following:

    a. Analyze at least three drivers of globalization and how these drivers impact your organization or one that you are familiar with financially.

    b. Describe the risks associated with global investing.

    c. Explain the importance of cultural sensitivity and ethics in global finance. Please write this paper about Caterpillar Inc.

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    //Prior writing or analyzing about the drivers and consequences of the Globalization, we have to first to understand about the business and its scope. We should know about Caterpillar Inc., which is the major manufacturer of natural gas and diesel. So, firstly, we will discuss the business under the heading of Introduction, for example:


    Caterpillar Inc. Is a major manufacturer of natural gas & diesel and deals in industrial gas turbine, mining equipment and construction equipments. Different plants of Caterpillar Corporation are located at more then 50 places in the U.S and 65 places across the world (Caterpillar Inc., 2008). It is one of the largest manufacturers of world and deals in different technical instruments like machines, generators, OEM solution, engines and various other instruments, which are highly technical in nature. As the product category and product line of caterpillar is very wide, it is easy for it to attain the goals and objective according to the schedule (Caterpillar Inc., 2008).

    Caterpillar Corporation has a prominent access at all the continents as it has a worldwide distribution of its dealers. It has its plant at more than 300 locations in more than 40 nations. It shows its worldwide manufacturing track, which is very influential (Caterpillar Inc., 2008). This world wide presence of the company helps it in retaining a large base of its customers as well as to face the challenge of its competitors successfully. This established caterpillar from the title of good to a great corporation. It is one of the best market leaders in the equipment construction industry (Caterpillar Inc., 2008). Adoption of world wide distribution system serves as a competitive advantage for Caterpillar Corporation in the early phase of its development but its competitors are not so much competent to adopt the concept of distribution.

    International operations of Caterpillar Corporation

    As Caterpillar has its presence worldwide, it can be said that Caterpillar Corporation is a global strategic player. For the last 80 years, the role of Caterpillar is very important in developing the infrastructure of world. Revenue of Caterpillar Corporation was reported about $36.34 billion in 2005. 20% increment in its revenue was reported as compared to the previous year. U.S. Is the generic country of caterpillar but maximum portion of its sales and revenues is generated from outside the U.S.

    The data shows that global operation of Caterpillar Corporation is really strong (Corporate Overview, 2008). Distribution channel of Caterpillar Corporation is practically very powerful, which plays an important role in developing its different competitive advantages across the world. Maximum dealers of caterpillar are self directed, are from nearby domains and very much competent to develop harmony with their customers (Corporate Overview, 2008). The stockholders of Caterpillar are more profitable in terms of return on stock. Strategic outlook of company is the most important factor as it plays a major role in the development and growth of the company as well as its shareholders (Corporate Overview, 2008).

    //Above, we discussed about Caterpillar Inc. that is prominent access at all the Continents as it has a worldwide distribution of its dealers and also has the strong global operation. Now, moving to the next part of the instructions, we will first of all talk about the precise meaning of the 'Globalization' and then, about the drivers of globalization that are playing crucial role. I am just giving an overview of the drivers of globalization. You are free to add more information, as per your knowledge.//

    Drivers of Globalization

    There are many issues, which are resulting as the driver of the globalization and are playing important role in the globalization of products and services. Internationally, the important issue is the decreasing and lowering of the ...

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    This solution discusses the business, scope and international operations of Caterpillar Inc.. This solution also discusses the drivers of globalization, the risks associated with global investing and the risks that Caterpillar may face in the future, the importance of cultural sensitivity and ethics in global business and a conclusion. This solution is 2118 words with 14 APA references.