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Choose an organization delivering goods and/or services globally. Provide a background of the organization and fully describe six components of the organization's supply chain. Examine the potential problems related to each of the components described and explain the approaches of the organization for solving the problems.

* Addresses the importance of quality management and measurement within the global context
* Construct control charts to compare global operational processes of the chosen organizations

Would implementing an enterprise resource planning system help streamline operations and achieve efficiencies between operating departments? What major concerns need to be addressed?

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The Firm selected is Illinois Tool Works Inc. The company makes engineered fasteners, components, equipment, consumable systems and specialty products. The company has spread to 52 countries, employees more than 60,000 persons and operates more than 800 business units. The company supports the strategy of increasing market penetration with innovations, extending current products to new industries and acquires businesses that improve its products and help expand. The company believes in decentralization, 80/20 process, and innovation.
The six components of supply chain are production, supply, inventory, location, transportation, and information (Hugos. M, 2006). The production of the product of Illinois Tool Works Inc is done mainly in a decentralized manner. Its production is done in its 825 units located all over the world. For instance, plastic strapping and steel strapping, each a part of the industrial packaging group are produced locally. The procedure is that Illinois Tool Works Inc sends samples and guidelines for technology and then these are produced locally. On the other hand there are some products which are produced at the US plants of Illinois Tool Works Inc and are shipped to the local business units where they are repacked and sold locally (Klier. T, & Rubenstein. J2008).
The supply of raw material is sourced locally. The purpose of locating a large number of business units in emerging economies is to gain access to low cost locally available raw materials. for instance, if steel strapping is manufactured locally, then steel is purchased locally. The company maintains an inventory of raw materials in such a manner that the production does not stop because of shortage of raw materials. There is no internet/extranet based contact with suppliers but the local managers make sure that an adequate stock of raw materials is maintained. The location of the most of the business units of Illinois Tool Works Inc is close to industrial areas or is located at newly developed industrial areas. There are two objectives of ...

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