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    Prepare a training you have received in your current organization

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    Prepare a 350- to 700-word examination of the various types of training you have received in your current organization as a (Car Dealership).

    Consider orientation/new-hire, on-going professional development, technology, mentoring, and peer coaching.

    Discuss the types of training you found the most beneficial and why. Additionally, discuss what types of training you would like to receive and justify how this training would benefit the organization as a whole.

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    Organizations aim for the productivity of employees as a means to achieve goals and objectives. Even with the assumption that the right employees have been recruited, selected, hired, and finally assigned in their respective units and jobs, the management ensures that they ready and are equipped with knowledge and skills to perform productively. Towards this end, the company, through its human resource department, conducts training and development activities. These two activities differ. Training refers to enhancing the knowledge and skills to help the employee perform his current job better; development aims to improve the intellectual or emotional abilities not only for the current job but to prepare the employee for more challenging jobs and responsibilities in the future.

    To Cherrington (1995), the overall objective of training is to enable people to acquire new knowledge, learn new skills, and perform behaviours in a new way.

    The following are types of training that may be applied in car dealership:

    Orientation for new-hire

    This is important phase of training which is provided to the newly hired car dealers/agents. This is critical because it ensures that the employees are given the right direction. They are oriented on company policies, procedures, standards of performance, compensation, and targets. This kind of training also helps them understand their specific roles in the organization and the limitations and scope of such role.
    Basically, newly hired employees are ...

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