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    Applying critical thinking in the decision making process

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    I need help with the following paper:

    After reading the Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario, assume the role of Nik, and use your current employer (or one with which you are familiar) as the organization represented by Alex, Nik, and Chris.

    Prepare a paper, in which you develop the preliminary considerations for your organization establishing a greater presence on Kava by:

    ? Defining the issues that appear in this business scenario.

    ? Discussing the forces that are involved in formulation of the problem.

    ? Using problem formulation tools and techniques, describe the organizational and environmental obstacles in a way that considers various key stakeholders that will be impacted by decisions.

    ? Applying critical thinking in the decision-making process.

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    Hello. I provide the following to assist you with your paper.

    I have read the case scenario, I have assumed the role of Nik. You will need to choose an employer to be the organization that represents Alex, Nik, and Chris. I think that it is most appropriate for you to choose that.

    Preliminary considerations for the organization in establishing a greater presence on Kava:

    Defining the issues that appear in a business scenario:

    Issue 1: The HR Department that hired Nik should have made him more prepared for life in Kava. The fact that they let him go there blind, with no idea of how the culture was, what a problem the country was having, and not providing enough insight so that he could go help Alex is a big problem.

    Issue 2: The HR Department should have consulted with Alex prior to Nik's departure to obtain a job description. Since no one knew what he would be doing there, how could Nik be prepared.

    Issue 3: It was not explained in the scenario, but due to all of the possible disaster threats (medical issues), I wonder if Nik received the proper shots required to travel to this part of the country considering the high risk of avian flu.

    Issue 4: If the HR Department had not provided Nik with the appropriate training, he could have taken it upon himself to read up on the culture.

    The forces that are involved in formulation of the problem:

    1. The environment
    2. The government
    3. The employees
    4. The ...

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