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    Provide a Simple Definition of Nonprobability Sampling

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    Q1 Provide a simple definition of a nonprobability sampling and provide an example of each type of nonprobability sampling.

    Q2 Jake and 10 other consumers were invited to participate in a focus group to discuss their experience with using the iPhone. Develop a set of questions the focus group moderator might ask to gain a better understanding of their experience. What strategies do you use in writing the questions to ensure you get reliable and valid responses from the interviewees?

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    1. Non probability sampling is a type of sampling where the process used to gather samples does not give individuals in the population equal chances of getting selected.
    Convenience sampling:choosing 10 people from a class

    Consecutive sampling:choosing all people from a class

    Quota sampling:There is quota of 65% women and researcher chooses any respondent to meet the quota

    Judgmental sampling:researcher wants to study what it takes to graduate a new course and believes only people who have graduated from that course would be able to give first hand advice. Hence that limited pool of students become the ...

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