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    Management of public with other types of management strategies

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    Public organizations can be categorized into two basic categories: open and closed models of organization. Compose descriptions of two fictional public organizations that are structured around one being open and the other being closed. Briefly describe what services, goods, or activities each organization provides. Then, compare the two organizations in terms of any similarities and differences based upon their open or closed organizational structure
    Address the following in 750-1,000 words:
    Create and describe two fictional public organizations.
    One organization should be structured around the closed organizational model, while the second should be structured around the open organizational model.
    For each of the two fictional organizations:
    What services, goods, or activities does the organization provide? Explain.
    Specifically, in terms of organizational structure, how are the two organizations different? Explain in detail.
    Specifically, in terms of organizational structure, how are the two organizations similar? Explain in detail.
    Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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    Organizational Structure
    The ABC and XYZ public organizations are taken to analyze that provide different kinds of services. The ABC Company is structured around the closed organizational model, while other is constructed on open organizational model. The ABC Company is engaged to provide social security for individual's by building efficient and effective military force. The main activity that is performed by ABC is to provide protection to individual within the country at the time of internal and external violence.

    On the other hand, the XYZ is a health care organization, which provides physical security at less cost. This organization is engaged to offer expert health advice, information, care and treatment for individual with assurance. It helps to improve the lives of individual that are suffered from rare diseases or disorders (Carter, 2011).

    Due to closed organizational model, the ABC organization does not communicate with the external environment, but it is capable to execute its operations in greater isolation. The plan to provide security is influenced by the other factors of environment such as social, economical, technological etc. at very limited level. The little influence from external environment makes it independent in nature (Buraey, 2002). In contrast, the open model of XYZ organization makes it dependent on the external environment at greater extent. The open model facilitates exchange of feedback with its external ...

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    Management of public organizations with other types of management strategies are determined.