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Politics in Business Strategies

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In 150-250 words in APA format with at least one reference with intext citation, answer the following: Since politics are so prevalent in organizations today, it is imperative to understand fully how to deal with political situations in order to be successful as a leader within these organizations. This week you learned more about politics within organizations. You learned about different strategies for dealing with heavy-handed political situations within an organization, and you learned about strategies for political engagements. REAL LIFE APPLICATION: Discuss a leader you are familiar with who handles political situations well, and describe that leader's techniques for dealing with politics in an organization. Do you handle political situations as well as this leader? What are some things that you could do better to handle political situations in your organization?

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The politics in business strategies are examined.

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My boss, Debra does handle political situations well. She not only has to deal with employees, but agencies of the government and clients and their parents, social workers, and private organizations and entities. She is a master at getting to the root of the problem. She listens, asks questions, and then confirms what she hears.

The most important thing she does in political and any conflict situation is to subtly make the other person/persons clarify themselves. She uses some key methods such as saying, "I don't understand." Or she may say, "I ...

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