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Political Theory

Security vs Liberty

Can you help me with this report. Your assignment is to research and analyze the Patriot Act and other restrictive measures and provisions. Write a paper analyzing the Patriot Act, while considering the issue of security versus liberty. In your paper, respond to the following questions: What is the background of libert

political science questions

Please include references; 1. Much has been made of possible Electoral College reform with regards to the 2000 election. Is there room for Electoral College reform? Do we actually need Electoral College reform? What would be the consequence of replacing the Electoral College with direct election? 2. How do media and adver

US National Security Policy

What role does public opinion (both national and international) play in the development of the US national security policy? What about other actors like the special interest groups, think tanks, influential citizens, foreign governments, etc.?

Current Events for May 2011

Each student will be required to post 2 current events per week. In these postings, the student will write article synopses and overviews from a variety of newspapers and periodicals. At the end of the week the facilitator will review the postings. They are not graded on whether you agree with my opinion or not. Your individual

Branches of Government

All branches are equal and each has it own set of Constitutional Powers and functions to play and each plays a different role in our system of government. However, without each branch fulfilling its constitutional mandate, our system of government would not function. What happens when one branch steps on the turf of another br

Homeland Security

What are the most significant threats to U.S. Homeland Security? What makes them significant? To what degree is the U.S. prepared to address these threats? What specific policies and procedures are in place to prevent, prepare, and respond to these threats? Why might these work and why might they not work? What aspects of the Am

Interagency Cooperation Issues

Why do federal, state and local agencies involved in Homeland Security not cooperate better in preparing the US for future terrorist attacks. Using a specific homeland problem that highlights inter-agency interaction/cooperation/confilict, discuss how the U.S. has attempted to solve the inter-agency problem(s). How successful is

US and Nauru Social, Economic and Political

Need help with comparing and contrasting USA and Nauru. US Social and Nauru Social US Economic and Nauru Economic US Political gov't and Nauru Political gov't Compare and contrast the two governments (8-10 pages with a reference page).

Political movements that impacted the 20th century

I have to write about racial equality for an assignment. Please answer the following about the topic, so I can complete my portion. "Give a brief summary of each, and explain how the changing attitudes of the times were expressed through these various political happenings and movements. " Please be as detailed as possib

Questions in Political Science

1.How did Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan describe man`s life in the state of nature, and what was man`s solution? 2. How and why did Edmund Burke differ in his attitude toward American and French Revolution? 3. Why is Jihad the most important Islamic concept for the rest of the world? 4. How does Muslim Shari`s law differ f

Pol Sci Questions

1.How did Winston Churchill describe Democracy, and which 3 ideologies find it undesirable? 2. Why did Plato and Aristotle find Democracy undesirable and dangerous? 3. In what sense was Christianity a natural ally of Democracy, and in what sense did the teachings of St. Paul work against the development of Democracy?

There is an old proverb which states that leadership is doing the right thing while management is doing things right. Both leadership and management are essential in securing corporate success. A thorough understanding of how the roles and responsibilities of leaders and managers are similar and different is essential for any organization to function successfully.

Leadership can be classified as a process of setting a new direction for a group or organization. Management; directing and controlling according to established principles. Leadership is an asset of a successful manager. Thus, the main aim of a manager is to maximize the output of an organization through administrative implement

An explanation of the difference between terrorism and sabotage

Think about the goals and motivations of terrorists versus those of saboteurs. Are both acts of terrorism and acts of sabotage always premeditated? What or whom do terrorists and saboteurs target? Is the country more prepared for sabotage, or is it more prepared for a terrorist attack? Why? Do you think that sabotage is som

I need help with entitlement program

What is an entitlement program? Provide an example of an entitlement program and analyze it from the standpoints of: purpose, recipient needs, potential benefits and disadvantages.

Social Security

Discuss the proposal to privatize Social Security. One aspect of that plan is to allow individuals to invest most, if not all, of their own money into investments, rather than into the Social Security System. Given recent economic events, discuss whether this plan will be effective. How would this plan affect you? Do


I would like some help and getting started on the right track with these questions thanks: The autumn morning is sunny with heavy crowds using the various subway trains. It is a perfect day for shopping at the mall and other shopping areas around the city. As passengers are boarding a subway there's an explosion that rip


Rollins,J., Wilson, Clay (2007) Terrorist Capabilities for Cyberattack: Overview and Policy Issues, CRS Report for Congress, Updated January 22, 2007. Retrieved on February 29, 2008 at Senario: You are a cyberterrorist, and your mission is to launch a cyber attack against a US Gov

Hewlett Packard and Compaq merger

How could any negative issues been anticipated and mitigated and positive issues anticipated and reinforced? Please cite sources. Approximately 200 words per.

As part of a counter-terrorism group, you are attempting to identify other groups that may pose a risk to the United States. 1. Select at least two terrorist groups, besides Al-Qaeda and the Al Jihad terrorist groups, that possess both the motive and capability to implement a terrorist attack on the United States. 2. Compare these groups in terms of capability, motive, history, targeting, and potential impact. 3. Which of these two groups do you think pose a greater threat? Why?

As part of a counter-terrorism group, you are attempting to identify other groups that may pose a risk to the United States. 1. Select at least two terrorist groups, besides Al-Qaeda and the Al Jihad terrorist groups, that possess both the motive and capability to implement a terrorist attack on the United States. 2. Compa


El Fenomeno Chavez: Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Modern Day Bolivar 1. Your reading stated that Hugo Chavez has some mental health problems. Discuss them in light of his political style and behavior towards the United States. 2. Discuss Chavez's connection with terro