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    Political Theory

    classic game theory

    Analysis of the Thai21 flag game based on the classic game theory which was used in the TV Show, 'Survivor'.

    Terrorist and Nuclear Weapons

    How readily can terrorists acquire nuclear weapons and what is the most likely type of nuclear/radiological device that terrorists might use

    Terrorist and WMD Attack

    Provide a detailed assessment of how a significant terrorist WMD attack might be conducted. Include the type of materials that might be used, targets, and form of attack

    Charismatic leader

    Think of a leader in our society today who is generally preceived to be a charasmitic leader. In your opinion, which of the behavioral components of charisma described in the text can be attributed to him or her?

    Terror cells in the U.S.

    Rhoda Unger (2002, pg. 44) wrote that "covert worldviews exist within Western society that differ in degree rather than kind from the worldview of the radical fundamentalists who bombed the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. These worldviews share certain features, including abdication of moral responsibility to a sourc

    Food Service and Restaurant Food Security

    What steps can we take to ensure that the foods received by food service establishments are going to be free of intentional contamination? Note: Please make response at least 3 paragraphs and cite references.

    Terrorist and Chemical Weapons

    Please help answer the following question. Provide at least 300 words and include one reference. Is the threat of Al Qaeda or a sub state terrorist group acquiring and/or using Chemical weapons very real, and increasing everyday?

    Terrorism and Rationality

    While Martha Crenshaw argues that terrorism is a rational choice made to achieve the goals of the group, Jerrold Post argues that terrorists are driven by psychological forces that attract people to violence. His arguments have caused controversy because some people believe that it seeks to absolve terrorists from the responsibi

    Topics in homeland security

    You are to write a 2000-word or more term paper concerning any topic of interest to you , provided that a strong connection can be made to the topics of this class ---managing homeland security, disaster planning, or emergency management. The paper should include at least seven (7) citations from primary source books, schola

    Discuss Khrushchev's decision to put missiles into Cuba.

    Discuss Khrushchev's decision to put missiles into Cuba. What was he trying to achieve and what were the flaws in his analysis? Use Allison's level of analysis approach to explain. Discuss Kennedy's reaction to finding the missiles. What were his options and why did choose the one he did? Discuss the difference between th

    WMD worries and current trends in terrorism with the U.S.

    (1) How have worries over WMD terror attacks distorted a balanced approach to policy on terrorism? (2) How do the current trends in terrorism affect the United States? Must follow the Chicago Style guidelines with at least 5 references. Short essay.

    Federalism and Emergency Response

    Discuss federalism issues in the context of emergency response measures and provide examples of the policy considerations. Use the following website: Challenges to Federalism: Homeland Security, Disaster Response, and the local impact of Federal Funding Formulas and mandates. http://www.allacademic.com//meta/p_mla_apa_resear


    Questions: need references 1. According to Ward, in what capacity could we use public works personnel as first responders? In what way does the "image" of public works impede Ward's ideas? 2, What is GIS? In what way did the mayor's Office of Emergency Management in New York City use GIS in the immediate aftermath of the 9-


    Questions: 1. According to Elliott, what did we learn from the rescue efforts at the Pentagon on 9-11? Also, what lessons were learned from the large scale TOPOFF exercises? 2. According to Wade, what concerns must be considered when planning security for public utilities? 3. According to Blossom, what are the six elemen


    Questions: need referenses 1. According to Hickman and Reaves, what are the key issues for state and local law enforcement with regard to gathering and using intelligence? 2. What is "VPN"? How can VPN be used to facilitate information sharing among local public safety agencies? 3. Explain the community threat assessment

    Who would make a good president?

    Who would make a good president and why? Cannot use Donald Trump, Betty White, Don Hagee, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, John McCain, MIke Huckabee, Oprah Winfrey, or Nancy Grace... Need about 350 words if possible.

    Domestic Climate Policy Framework

    Discuss how policy makers can incorporate the Domestic Climate Policy Framework into a widely accepted environmental policy. Provide examples. Information to answer question is to be taken from this web site: Assessing the options for designing a mandatory U.S. greenhouse gas reduction program. Nordhaus, & Danish http:

    Immigration Policy

    Dye (2008) argues that the success of immigration reform in the United States has been partially successful even though the Hispanic American population is increasing. Question: What considerations do policy makers need to keep in mind when developing an immigration policy? Provide examples.

    Ethics speech

    I have to give a speech on the following topic and I was wondering if I could get some insight and opinion on this matter. I don't even know where to begin seeing as I am on both sides of the spectrum. Thanks. Is controlling crime, terrorism and drug abuse more important than protecting privacy? How much should government

    Keynesian Theory

    Redistributing wealth by high taxes and welfare may undermine productivity and restrain a person incentive to work. Is distribution of wealth fair and healthy for society? Are their ways to redistribute wealth that do not undermine productivity? (Just need brief answers one to two paragraphs)

    Interest Groups and Political Parties

    What is the difference between a political party and an interest group? Research an interest group in Nashville Tennessee and share some interesting information about the group. How does this interest group gain support and increase influence?