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    Political Theory

    Transparency in Politics

    Explain why the lack of transparency in politics is a problem. Discuss what political reforms could be adopted to help solve or alleviate the problem.

    The Implications of Mercantalist Policies

    The adoption of mercantilist policies is the only means for advanced industrial countries to deal with the consequences of the Great Recession. Do you agree or disagree?

    Leadership Ethics Culture and Politics

    Dr. Jeffrey Wigand became one of the best-known whistleblowers after his experience was turned into a movie, The insider. He proved tobacco companies were deliberately boosting the nicotine content of cigarettes, making them more addictive and cancer causing. However, similar to other whistleblowers, he suffered from tremendous

    Voters deciding on public policy?

    What problems do you see when voters decide on public policy rather than elected public officials? Please provide at least two paragraphs and any references if possible to expand my research.

    I need to create an Organizational Analysis and Leadership Evaluation

    Organizational Analysis and Leadership Evaluation (minimum of 15-20 pages): For this assignment, you will complete the following items: Organizational and leadership assessment and analysis is a fundamental process that public administration leaders use to gather information, assess needs, and plan actions. In this assignment,


    Major Tax Structures: Property Taxes Case: The real property tax is based on property values, not the income of holders of the real estate. As the story reported here demonstrates, this situation can create some difficult issues when real estate values are increasing rapidly 1. Explain how you would quantify the amount or pe

    The Ramifications of Federal Policies on Climate Change

    Recent studies indicate that climate change may lead to major changes in our environment whereas other studies suggest nothing substantial will happen. - Given this information, would you support or not support federal policies on climate change? Provide reasons to support your response. - What strategies on climate change

    Public Policy Analysis

    There have been a lot of controversies in the past over the Endangered Species Act. * What are the arguments for and against the Endangered Species Act? * Do you think this act needs to be modified, strengthened, or scrapped? * What changes in strategies would you recommend to make this act more successful or worth the cos

    Cold War Era Threats

    Write an essay reviewing the Cold War era and the threats to American families. Include what you would do to protect your family in case of an attack. Include the following four parts in your essay: ?Describe the historical and political conditions of the Cold War era. ?Explain the specific threats to American citizens.

    Public Policy Analysis

    As a public administrator, * Discuss your opinion on the role of a public administrator in utilizing political strategies to improve the policymaking processes and outcomes. * Discuss the important considerations that must be made by a public administrator to effectively influence public behavior. Provide at least one rele

    The Ramifications of Higher Gasoline Taxes

    One thing governments do well is collect taxes. Taxes are a policy instrument that raise revenue and can control behavior through economic or market pressures. * What would some of the costs be to the public resulting from a higher tax on gasoline? * How would a forecast of public demands change with rising taxes on gasoline

    The Ramifications of Public Assistance

    A significant portion of tax revenue goes toward providing welfare to the poor and needy. * In your opinion, what should be the role of the federal government with regards to welfare? * Do you think the current welfare programs target the symptoms of poverty or its root causes? * Do you think the current welfare programs h

    Establishment Clause

    What is the Establishment Clause, and what advantages or limitations does this Establishment Clause create? 200 words please

    Theories of Power

    Which of the four Theories of Power may have been the most important to the founders and the society of the time? Which four have the strongest importance today?

    Public-Policy Analysis of Smoking Regulations

    According to the surgeon general, smoking is injurious to your health. Which of the following three public instruments do you think would be the most effective to encourage people not to smoke? * Public education about the dangers of smoking * Regulations against smoking in public places * Market incentives such as highe

    Public Policy Analysis

    Public policy ought to reflect public preferences. Do you think public policies are in accordance with your wishes? Why or why not? Provide appropriate rationale to support your opinion. Specifically, provide an example of one decision on public policy you support and another that you oppose. Additionally, do you think it is pos

    Public policy on bailouts

    The federal government has offered or, in some cases, even forced loans or bailouts to banks, insurance companies, and automobile manufacturers. What are the economic or moral reasons for the federal government trying to rescue corporations in risk of failure? Provide examples and discuss the impact of such bailouts from the rec

    Public Policy and Interest Groups

    Define the role of interest groups in shaping and creating public policy. How could you benefit by participating in an interest group, such as an environmental club or a gun association? What might be a disadvantage of belonging to an interest group?

    Issues associated with rural, suburban, or urban community in Arizona.

    Determine whether the following issues are associated with a rural, suburban, or urban community in Arizona. Your answers may be a mix of two or all three. Provide a rationale for your answer by explaining why you think the issue is associated with this community. Availability of energy, water, and resources - Rural, Subur

    Preparing a Budget Request

    Scenario: You are chief of police for a midsized city of 75,000 residents. It is experiencing moderate rates of growth of between 3 and 5 percent per year, and its tax base is 60 percent residential or vacant land zoned residential, 30 percent commercial, and 10 percent industrial. One member of your city council perceives that

    I need to create an Organizational Analysis and Leadership Evaluation Project

    I chose Customs and Border Protection (Department of Homeland Security) for the organization to be analyzed. Organizational Management Assessment and Theory Matrix (minimum of 1,750 words): This assignment uses your knowledge and research skills to examine and analyze management theories as they apply to organizations in the p

    Economics of Public Policy

    How can a market still leave some people in a suboptimal economic situation? Is poverty a market failure or a negative externality? If poverty is a market failure, do you think this gives credence to the government's action to fight poverty? Please support answer with sources.

    Terrorism strategy

    What are Pillar's recommendations to create a more effective terrorism strategy and how do these compare or contrast with Jervis's ideas on the future of the Bush Doctrine? -Pillar's Terrorism and U.S. Foreign Policy and his Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy: Iraq, 9/11, and Misguided Reform -Jervis' American Foreign Pol

    Terrorist (suicide bombers, recruitment, group dynamics)

    1. What are the benefits to a terrorist group of using suicide bombers to conduct terrorist acts? What, beyond the obvious (once a suicide bomber detonates him/herself that human weapon is no longer in the terrorist group's arsenal) are some of the downsides? Describe here-don't just list. 2. How does the terrorist recruitme

    Economics of Pubilc Policy

    Some have complained in the past about gasoline prices being too high, and many political leaders have debated whether there should be a cap or maximum for gasoline prices during a time when prices are rising rapidly. What would be the impact of such a policy? If prices are capped, how would gasoline then be rationed? Would this