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Political Theory

Issues associated with rural, suburban, or urban community in Arizona.

Determine whether the following issues are associated with a rural, suburban, or urban community in Arizona. Your answers may be a mix of two or all three. Provide a rationale for your answer by explaining why you think the issue is associated with this community. Availability of energy, water, and resources - Rural, Subur

Preparing a Budget Request

Scenario: You are chief of police for a midsized city of 75,000 residents. It is experiencing moderate rates of growth of between 3 and 5 percent per year, and its tax base is 60 percent residential or vacant land zoned residential, 30 percent commercial, and 10 percent industrial. One member of your city council perceives that

I need to create an Organizational Analysis and Leadership Evaluation Project

I chose Customs and Border Protection (Department of Homeland Security) for the organization to be analyzed. Organizational Management Assessment and Theory Matrix (minimum of 1,750 words): This assignment uses your knowledge and research skills to examine and analyze management theories as they apply to organizations in the p

Economics of Public Policy

How can a market still leave some people in a suboptimal economic situation? Is poverty a market failure or a negative externality? If poverty is a market failure, do you think this gives credence to the government's action to fight poverty? Please support answer with sources.

Terrorism strategy

What are Pillar's recommendations to create a more effective terrorism strategy and how do these compare or contrast with Jervis's ideas on the future of the Bush Doctrine? -Pillar's Terrorism and U.S. Foreign Policy and his Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy: Iraq, 9/11, and Misguided Reform -Jervis' American Foreign Pol

Terrorist (suicide bombers, recruitment, group dynamics)

1. What are the benefits to a terrorist group of using suicide bombers to conduct terrorist acts? What, beyond the obvious (once a suicide bomber detonates him/herself that human weapon is no longer in the terrorist group's arsenal) are some of the downsides? Describe here-don't just list. 2. How does the terrorist recruitme

Economics of Pubilc Policy

Some have complained in the past about gasoline prices being too high, and many political leaders have debated whether there should be a cap or maximum for gasoline prices during a time when prices are rising rapidly. What would be the impact of such a policy? If prices are capped, how would gasoline then be rationed? Would this

Economics of Public Policy

What do you think of the statement 'There is only so much money to go around'? Currently, the public wants better health care, better highways, better schools, and stronger national defense as it feels that it pays enough taxes to receive all these services. Each year, our political leaders at the local, state, and national le

national crisis

I need help in putting together a paper that argues that the nation is in a state of crisis, put together a survey summary regarding the national crisis, list lessons from Britain and Japan, and I also need to write a memo to Pres. OBAMA and suggest measures.

Suicide bombers

If we assume that "human bombers" are not about military strategy, then what are they about? Are they motivated by a view of themselves as reflective of jihadist perspectives of them as being sacrifices and/or "gifts"? Consider this-if you were going to attempt to recruit people to be suicide bombers what would you focus on?

Costs Analysis and Budgets

Research two types of cost analyses and budgets available to program evaluation. Discuss those two types, explaining their pros and cons. Include sufficient literature documentation so your classmates may do additional reading for themselves. Lastly, tell whether you may use either type to assist with your own program evaluation

Government in America

What is the significance of checks and balances? Is one branch of government more powerful than the others? How about a current event example that illustrates the power of one branch of government to check another. Is it appropriate for contemporary America? Why or why not?

Handling Industrial Economic Issues

thank you for guiding me. Need help in putting together a project (see below and attached). 1) Research Questions Industrial democracies like the US, Britain, and Japan are facing a dual challenge: Mounting government deficit and national debt that has reached a crisis level and an economy that is flat in growth despite h

Program Evaluation

If you were to choose a category of methodology for a short-term health care program, what methodology would you use and rely on? What quantitative evaluation measures will most likely dominate your evaluation methodology?

Program Evaluation of Public and Non-profit Organizations

A program evaluator is both blessed and cursed with the myriad of possible information sources available. Simply put, these are sources (resources) from which and whom information is obtained and used to assist in the evaluation process. Such sources can be, but are not limited to, stakeholders, archival data, and program recipi

Anarchy and state response

What are the effects of anarchy on state behavior according to Neo-Realists? Do you agree? Be sure to provide examples and discuss alternative views.

Program Evaluation of Public and Non-profit Organization

Program theories can be important to program evaluation for several reasons. Program theories often assist evaluators and agency stakeholders with discovering support or explanation for program outcomes, what works and what doesn't. Stated simply, program theory is the theory that drives (directs and supports interpretation of t

Program Evaluation of a Public and Non-Profit Organization

It is an implicit proposition in literature that program evaluators can be caught somewhere between the analytical and objective world of researchers concerned with theory, research design, and data analysis on the one hand and the world of the practitioner who is involved with the needs of the client group and service delivery

Strategic Human Resource Management

Over the years, the HRM function that we know today has evolved from the personnel department, where it was largely responsible for hiring people, administratively getting them on roll, handling discipline problems, administrating a few programs, and planning the annual picnic. It was one of the least respected functions in the

Strategic Human Resource Management

Aaron Matthews is the human resources director for Molloyâ??s Metals, Inc., a manufacturer of machined metal components used in the automotive and aircraft manufacturing and servicing industries. Among the companyâ??s 129 employees is a group of 78 machinists who constitute the core of the companyâ??s business. Without their

Strategic Human Resource Management

With the advent of the Internet and other modern technologies, employees' rights to privacy are being brought to question on many fronts just what is your right to privacy at work? Does your employer have a right to read your personal e-mail? To place surveillance cameras in the restroom? To track the site that you visit on the

Strategic Human Resource Management

Please see attached reading material in order to answer questions below! Questions 1. What does Nucorâ??s approach to managing its people require of managers? 2. Suggest several ways that a company might encourage its more experienced workers to listen to ideas from newer employees. 3. What might an organization do

Check and balances question

There are many places where the checks and balances in the United States Constitution seem to have been circumvented at least minimally by one branch over another. Do you think the checks and balances set forth in the Constitution are still valid as a method of controlling government? Do you believe they are appropriately workin

Mark Erickson's science

According to the author, Mark Erickson science is a "multi-faceted" concept. Describe and explain this concept. Apply the multi-faceted concept to another discipline.

Strategic Human Resource Management - A3

Identify specific practices within the areas of compensation and benefits that would aid SEIIC in developing the kind of employees that it needs and for retaining its most valuable human capital. SEIICâ??s compensation and benefits programs are based on traditional design principles typical of a company of its age and histor

Strategic Human Resource Management - Q3

In a recent survey, Hewitt Associates, one of the nationâ??s largest HR consulting companies, found that HR executives were primarily on one of two types of roads with respect to health care benefits: Stop light-to-stop lightâ?"They view health care benefits as an attraction and retention tool and are in a competitive market

Science and Culture

How does Dacy explain the connections between scientific study and cultural beliefs and values? How does the concept of formal science relate to his position? What are some of the cultural applications of science?

What is meant by social constructivism?

What are the major differences between scientific realism, anti-realism, and irrealism? What is meant by social constructivism, and how is it associated with these three positions?