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Political Theory

9/11 Commission

The primary conclusion of the Commission was that the failures of the CIA and FBI permitted the terrorist attacks to occur and if these agencies had performed more judiciously in sharing information and coordination of that information as well as acting more aggressively, the attacks could potentially have been prevented.

How politically powerful factions compete in policy decisions and debate issues.

The topic is Issue of Tax Credits for Low-Income Housing. Select a contemporary issue that has polarizing viewpoints, such as environmental policy, taxation and income redistribution, same-sex marriage, worker's rights, immigration, and so forth. Write 1,050- to 1,400-words, describing how politically powerful factions co

Homeland Security

I need 250-300 words on the Response Planning Process (Who's included) and Response Plan Topics (What areas must be addressed in the plan?) as part of my paper. Details below. I also attached what I have so far... Homeland Security Paper: Access and familiarize with this site *DHS First Responders at:


Why do laws exist? What happens if someone violates the law? What if the law is not fair or just? Who makes the law?


1. How necessary is bureaucracy? 2. If we can agree that individuals need rules and regulations to live together, then there must also be a bureaucracy. Rules and regulations are meaningless unless they are administered; the bureaucracy is necessary for the administration.

Homeland Security

While the DHS centralized model in place has had it problems and a decentralized model seems to be the quickest and attractive alternative that doesn't guarantee results, would a compromise of both methods be the best course of action?

Homeland Security reorganization.

With the current bureaucracy of DHS overwhelmed would it be more effective for the Department of Homeland Security to model itself like the FEMA regions and function in a similar manner?

Homeland Security

What are the strategic objectives of the National Strategy for Homeland Security and what are the "critical missions" in achieving these strategic objectives? Does our homeland security strategy focus too much on the threat of terrorism and not enough on present and emerging threats from other states? How will we know if o

Metropolitan & Suburban Area Cooperation

What are some of the ways that metropolitan areas coordinate governmental activities and services across a region, while at the same time protecting the values of suburban independence?

Mississippi Burning Review (Racism Movie)

View the 1988 movie Mississippi Burning. In a reaction paper consisting of a minimum of 750 words (approximately 2-3 typed, double-spaced pages), discuss the specific tactics used by the Ku Klux Klan in the movie, as well as the tactics used initially, and the eventually, by the FBI in their investigation of the Klan. Would y

Women in Politics

What influence have women had on the politics in local, state and national government? What influence have other minorities had on the political landscape in local, state and national politics? (Summarize in 500 words)

Primary election structures

Discuss and compare the different primary election structures. Be sure to include the role of the runoff primary in some states.

The nature and extent of crime in the US

Could you explain me the nature and extent of crime in the us and to what extent deterrance? based on; -measuring crime -trends in crime rates -victimization -juvenile crime I just need a brief explanation, thanks!

The policy making process

Could you identify their role in each major step of the policy making process. Based on: -public opinion and agenda setting. -opinion policy linkage -policy effects -media effects -communicating with policy makers

Terrorism: Definitions & Debates

1. What are the definitions of terrorism according to the following: Brian Jenkins, Walter Lacqueur, Edward Hermann, Alex Schmid, the FBI, the State Department, and the United Nations? 2. What is the "Spectrum of Conflict" mentioned in the text? Identify two separate real-world examples of conflict (past or present). Explain w

Domestic terrorism questions

1. What can be said of the relationship between extremism and terrorism? Are all terrorists extremists? Are all extremists terrorists? 2. Define terrorism. Why is there a broad approach to constructing a definition of terrorism? 3. What is the difference between "terrorism from above" and "terrorism from below"? When or un


What are some considerations related to subcontracting?


What are the main concepts behind cost and cost reimburse contracts including CPFF, CPAF, CPIF types?


For the Def. Acquisition Regulatory Council and Civilian Agency Acquisition council what is the membership and chairperson and how do they contribute to the FAR revision process?


What are the main concepts behind FPI, FPP, and FFP contracts?

Public Administration: external or internal controls

In the 1940s two political theorists, Carl J. Friedrich and Herman Finer, debated a critical question of accountability in American public administration: "how much to rely on formal prescriptions and control mechanisms and how much must depend on what we have called the inner compasses of persons entrusted with public responsib