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    Political Theory

    Elections in the state of Tennessee.

    A discussion regarding elections in Tennessee. How are elections run in Tennessee? What type of voter, candidate, and committee information do elections provide? What are some potential problems with elections in Tennessee?

    Domestic terrorism

    1. Define domestic terrorism. In what ways is it functionally different from international terrorism? Also, distinguish between domestic terrorism from above vs. domestic terrorism from below. Give examples. 2. Summarize the approaches to political violence as exhibited by Mao, Guevara, Marighella, and Fanon. Which domestic te

    CJ354: Managing Homeland Security

    We use this weblink (http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/edu/fem.asp) 1. Explain the four phases of emergency planning (i.e., mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery) in detail. Practically speaking, when it relates to efficiency and efficacy, which phases do you think emergency managers spend the most time contemplating? W

    Criminology Theories for Domestic Terrorism

    Questions: 1. Explain the criminological theories of â??routine activity perspectiveâ? and â??social learning theory.â? In what way do these criminological theories impact the issue of terrorism in the United States? 2. Summarize the tendency for criminal activity among right-wing terror groups in the U.S. according


    We are using this web link (http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/edu/fem.asp) 1. Explain the various disaster impacts as identified in the chapter. 2. What is the difference between primary and secondary hazards? Give two examples. 3. What suggestions does the chapter give for managing the resistance to the planning process?

    Need help re-writing a previous solution. Federalism and Public Policy Making

    I need some help re-wording the solution number 344346 (Federalism and Public Policy Making) at Brainmass. My instructor said it is plagerized the way it is written and needs to be in my own words. Can any help re-word the solution so it is not word for word from the internet. The original question was How does federalism

    Issues within the State of Tennessee

    Examine the educational and social systems within your state. What are two current issues in your community that relate to these systems? What role does the state have in resolving these issues? Justify your answer. (Words 200-300)

    Public Policy and Opinion Polls

    It is difficult to assess the independent effect of public opinions on shaping public policy. Public policy often differs from national opinion polls, and the Constitution contains no provision for national referenda on policy issues. The public does not have opinions on many policy questions, public opinion is unstable, and d

    Federalism and Public Policy Making

    How does federalism in the U.S. affect policy development? How then does policy development affect the rights of the individual? What is the overall effect? Should we be concerned? Provide two examples to support argument.

    Posse Comitatus Act

    Assess both the constitutional and statutory authorities and limitations relevant to the employment of the armed forces to provide disaster relief and law enforcement assistance. Address the limitation placed on Department of Defense (DoD) forces by the Congress during times of disaster (Posse Comitatus Act). Is there a distinct

    Proactive Crisis Management and the Media

    Is the best way to ensure a positive experience with the media and to be proactive in crisis management is to develop relationships with the media before a crisis.

    Methods of Crisis Action Management

    Discuss successful methods for crisis action management, interpreting why these methods were successful. Discuss the pros and cons to diversity in crisis action planning and management.

    Crisis Action Planning

    Why should an organization assume responsibility in a crisis situation? How will crisis management change in the future? How can a manager think outside the box in a crisis situation? How does diverse thinking affect crisis planning? What happens when organizations do not assume responsibility for a crisis?

    Crisis Action Planning

    What are the strengths and limitations of organizations and how do these strengths and limitations affect crisis planning and management? How can appropriate leadership add to crisis management and planning?

    Crisis Action Planning

    Why are crises inevitable? How can a manager manage a crisis after failure has already occurred? How can a general framework for crisis management apply to particular organizations? Why is having a framework for crisis management situations essential?

    The Fair Trade System

    The concepts and practices surrounding fair trade. The difficulties with certification and monitoring. Addresses the effects barriers to inclusion, transaction costs, market distortions, consumer practice, and tariff and non tariff barriers have on fair trade.

    What is relationship of liberal democracy to free market capitalism?

    How do we define "democracy"? the word itself is derived from the Greek demokratia- rule of the people- demos meaning people and kratos meaning power. There does not exist today a concrete definition for what exactly we mean when was say democracy. We can only base our definitions of the many interpretations that have come into

    Crisis as Seeds of Success

    According to Norman Augustine: Almost every crisis contains within itself the seeds of success as well as the roots of failure. Finding, cultivating, and harvesting that potential success is the essence of crisis management. What is your opinion of that statement?

    Capital Budgeting

    Select a U.S. government agency (local/state/federal) and discuss the following: a. Discuss how the debt capacity of the governmental entity is determined. b. Evaluate the effect of refunding or reorganizing existing debt obligations. c. Analyze various funding alternatives that can be used to support debt obligation

    Tools in Crisis Management

    How do public organizations and private organizations differ in crisis management? What are appropriate tools leaders bring to a crisis and why?

    Crisis Action Planning

    Where can a manager go wrong in a crisis? What are the pitfalls of crisis management? How can a manager avoid crisis management problems? What can a manager do to move out of a crisis situation? What are crisis lessons learned? How can a manager effectively communicate during and after a crisis?

    Approaches to Crisis Prevention

    What makes a crisis preventable? How can a manager use a crisis to an advantage? Discuss strategic approaches to crisis and how such approaches helps or hinders crisis action planning

    Terrorism Essay Questions

    Essay Questions: 1. The text offers three sources of (or reasons for) violence in the Middle East. Which of the three sources do you think is most responsible, if any? Explain your answer. Also, given these sources, what do you think can and/or should be done to secure a lasting peace in the Middle East? 2. What is Hamas? H

    Budget Legislation

    Once the budget has been prepared by the various agencies, it is often moved forward to the legislative body for authorization. The legislation process can result in unintended outcomes and restrictions. Search the internet and news reporting services for a story in the U.S. on an unintended outcome and answer the following qu

    National Security Strategy

    Read the May 2010 National Security Strategy (Pages 19-22)(see course materials). Analyze the strategy and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Assess the Administration's progress to date and if you could recommend one thing to the President on his CT policy, what would it be and why do you think your recommendation is importa

    Making a Difference

    What is creative sentencing? Do you agree with creative sentencing? Is it appropriate? Explain.

    Texas Used Private Contractors to Administer State Government?

    What do you think of the present private contractor system? Should the private contractors replace government employees? Would this proposal be a logical expansion of the existing private contractor sysytem? What are the problems with the privatization?

    Although the federal government's role in the English-only campaign has been relatively small in terms of funding levels, federal guidelines have been influential in policy development and implementation at the state and local levels.

    The business and professional community learned there was a lot at stake if the English-only policy were made law. Although the proposed restrictions on other languages are often trivial in practice, it expresses a spirit of intolerance and was offensive to corporations and businesses that has employees who were ethnic minoritie