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Political Theory

Strategic Human Resource Management

One often hears a CEO say, â??Our most important asset walks out the door every night.â? In Savannah Engineering, Inspection, and Insurance Company (SEIIC)â??s case this is literally true. The company relies on the knowledge and skills of its employees for its success. Without its human capital, the company has little to of

Strategic Human Resource Management

Typically, new-employee orientation is a two-part process. Part one is generally conducted by the HRM department and covers general company information. Part two is conducted by the new employeeâ??s manager and covers the specifics of the job. In an outline format, describe a new-employee orientation process that would addr

Strategic Human Resource Management

360-degree feedback has become an important part of many performance management systems. It provides employees with performance feedback from supervisors, co-workers, peers, and customers, and for managers, their direct reports. The performance feedback is usually a part of a developmental plan and is often a part of the organiz

Strategic Human Resource Management

Organizational downsizings are a regular feature in the business news these days. For 2007, 779,678 employees were laid off in mass layoffs (more than 50 employees making unemployment claims) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Source: Employees are often caugh

Strategic Human Resource Management

Savannah Engineering, Inspection and Insurance Company's (SEIIC's) primary recruiting need is for engineering and technical personnel. Over that last two decades, these professions have generally been in high demand and relatively scarce supply. As the HRM manager responsible for recruiting and selecting people in these fields,

Strategic Human Resource Management

Some companies pay current employees a referral bonus if a job candidate that the employee referred is hired by the company. What do you think of this practice? Do you think that it is a good idea? Will it create resentment toward the company if an employee refers someone who is not hired? Why? Discuss the pros and cons of such

Bias in Research

Assistance is needed in identifying two factors that result in biased or inapplicable research that may be found in society. And how the two factors influence the outcomes of research and detract from the results of research.

Research and Data Analysis

Based on my research to evaluate the impact if any educators have on the juvenile delinqency rate. The problem is as follows; In this week, you will indicate how you will process and analyze the data collected for your final project. The discussion of the plan for analyzing data might have several components. It involves pre

Workplace justice

A brief description of a workplace justice issue. Explain the role of administrators in public and nonprofit organizations in terms of rectifying this justice issue. One potential solution to the justice issue using the ethical decision-making model.

Research and Data Analysis in Public AdministratioN

Suppose you are the lead researcher on a research team. Select a topic that you would like to study from the following list of research topics for a research project: Teenage pregnancy (incidences, policies, or programs) Juvenile crime Quality of drinking water in your municipality The effectiveness of a job-training pr

Problems of Claims in Research

In a small and fictitious country, a researcher has found that the higher a person lives up the big mountain, the more intelligent that individual is. Is there a problem with the researcher claiming that living high on the mountain leads to a higher intelligence quotient (IQ)? Why? What if the researcher states that this happens

Research and Data Analysis

Many students settle for reading second- or thirdhand accounts of research studies instead of reading the primary source. Why is it important to read the primary source? When do you have to depend on a secondary source of information? Are thirdhand accounts of research studies reliable? Why?

Radicalization process

What is the importance of understanding the radicalization process and the branches that lead from disaffection and socioeconomic/political origins to political violence? Sources are needed. thanks so much for the assistance

Patterns of terrorism

What are the principle patterns in terrorism? We know where it has been, where is it going? Need sources that accompany information.

Research and Data Analysis - Please limit to 1 or two paragraphs

Most researchers formulate the hypothesis for their research project before they actually start the data collection process. Why do you think this is necessary? Do all research projects need to be hypothesis driven? Why? When preparing your response to this question it will be necessary to consider the definition and purpose

President clinton and President Obama policies

Need Help with this assignment: President Obama's health care policies. write a 4-5 page paper in which you: 1.Write a one page summary of the policy including the purpose, the context of the problem, and any recommendations or suggestions from the policy to address the problem. (Use your summary skills to keep this to one

Research and Data Analysis

Consider the following ethical dilemmas that a researcher may face. Describe the ways in which you might anticipate the potential problem in the following case scenario and address it in your research project. Your research assistant collects data for a project from several individuals interviewed in your city. After the four

Japan becoming a world power

What political, economic, and military obstacles must Japan overcome before they can considered to be a true world power?

Federal Policies

I need help with this assignment please. I just started this public administration class and do not fully understand the political policies word. Please guide me. the questions are below. Pick two similar federal policies that were discussed over a span of two different administrations. For example, President Clinton's an


Provide an example of a Classical and a Contemporary ideology that you personally feel is viable. Why should the United States in 2011 begin to move toward these approaches?

JS Mills Political Theory on Power

To what extent do you agree with JS Mill that "the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community against his will is to prevent harm to others".

The Ramifications of Performance Based Budgeting

Please help answer the following questions. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. As a taxpayer, would you prefer your city government to use performance budgeting to target-base budgeting or not? Why? Provide examples to support your response.

Mathematical Models & Predicting Future Behavior (Example is Iran) mathematical models and other sociological statistics are instrumental in helping to predict the probable dynamics of Iran's future.

The TED talk given by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita entitled "Three predictions on the future of Iran". During this discussion, De Mesquita uses game theory to discuss the dynamics of interest aggregation and public policy formulation in Iran. De Mesquita then provides a prediction for where he believes Iran's policy will go. 1) Do yo

Comparison Between the Empires of Britain and the U.S.

Britain and the United States are at different times world powers with no peer competitor. 1) discuss what reasons the global power of Britain declined and 2) identify any similarities or differences between the British experience and the current situation of the U.S. and 3) if you believe the U.S. will follow a similar path to

Interest groups comparison

Compare the following interest groups, The National Rifle Association (NRA) and The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). What type of interest group each is (Anomic, Non-associational, Institutional, or Associational) and how each mobilizes its members to join and participate. What types of methods do they use to infl

Ideology and politics

How important is ideology to the functioning of world politics? How important is it to you? Do you believe in any ideology? Why or why not? Attempt to make reference to some of the ideologies mentioned in the text. Remember the words of our current President and try to "Disagree without being disagreeable"

Please help me with my current events assignment

Each student will be required to post 2 current events per week. In these postings, the student will write article synopses and overviews from a variety of newspapers and periodicals. At the end of the week the facilitator will review the postings. They are not graded on whether you agree with my opinion or not. Your individual