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    The National Economic Crisis of 2008

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    I need help in putting together a paper that argues that the nation is in a state of crisis, put together a survey summary regarding the national crisis, list lessons from Britain and Japan, and I also need to write a memo to Pres. OBAMA and suggest measures.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi. The suggestions and ideas below should provide you enough to finish your project. If you have any questions just let me know. Remember also that memos must be brief and straight to the point. The length or information required for each can only be dependent upon your subject discussed which in this case is based on your interviews. If my assumptions are right, you are being asked to provide an additional 7 pages of work. These are very long narratives you are being asked to put together, almost 2,500 words in my estimation of very in-depth discussion. You already have the ideas in the previous solution, you just have to adopt them. I suggest that you separate each section to it's own page according to topic. I can give you the seed and some suggested additional discussion but it is up to you to take them further. Good luck.

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    Statement of Crisis

    I am of the belief that our nation is in a state of crisis. Fred Moseley (2009) of the ISR referred to the current economic and social challenges facing the US as the toughest since the Depression. Joe Klein (2011) in a series of articles for Time Magazine has travelled the length and breadth of the US to look into the situation, opinion, political and economic views and the state of living of ordinary Americans. He found out that from town to town, city to city, the issues are the same - unemployment, lack of jobs, political and economic dissatisfaction. It is known that the crisis started in the sub-prime housing market and has spread across all industries, exposing the inefficiencies and weaknesses of American economic, political and financial structures. The casualty of course is the American people. Yet, despite the deeply felt economic difficulties, the country cannot let go of so much of it's financial responsibilities to concentrate on 'fixing' its problems. The solutions seem to not have at all worked. A change of government has appeared to have worsened the crisis but deepening the political divide. A government locked in political battles cannot guarantee solutions to issues facing its people as politicians appear to be blind sided by political loyalties and their attempts at self-preservation. Good ship America cannot remain afloat, as some believe, if the people that are to make the government work are unable to function and provide solutions, assistance and support as it should.

    The decisions made to regulate, save or assist transactions and massive 'too-big-to-fail' entities have ...

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    The solution provides advise and assistance to students in putting together the task set in the original problem (see above) with an exemplifying set of narratives that argues that the nation is in a state of crisis, a survey summary regarding the crisis, arguing lessons that can be learned from Britain and Japan as well as a sample memo to Pres. Obama listing recommendations. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version of the solution is also attached.