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    The EU Debt Crisis

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    What are the causes of the European Union Debt Crisis? What are the latest developments? What are the advantages and disadvantages for a country to be a member of the European Union? What are some actions you might recommend that the leaders of the European Union take going forward? Why? Please use APA on citations and quotations!

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    While the debt crisis took many forms, the fundamental problem related directly to Europe was a "credit bubble" (Lane, 2012). This implies an easy-access process of gaining loans and bank overdrafts that permitted the creation of a high-risk lending continuity, which at a national level ran into billions of euros. Real-estate or property was particularly affected (see Spain as a case study), and as a ...

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    This question dealt with continuing problems in Europe's dealings with financial crisis and debt in the wake of 2008, taking into account possible cooperative solutions to handle future events. 289 words with a reference.