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    Biggest Trouble Since WW2 for Europe

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    The German Chancellor Merkel stated that Europe is facing the biggest trouble since WW2. Why? What is the nature of this trouble? How did this trouble come about? In what ways will this trouble impact the US economy?

    Say you are a company in the Mississippi Delta, exporting goods and services to Europe. In what ways would your company be impacted?

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    Europe is undergoing a financial crisis, also known as the eurozone crisis. The crisis is a global one and the result of investor's fears over the large amount of private and public debt held by many industrialized countries. In itself, debt isn't a bad thing, especially since rich countries pay very little interest on their debt. However, when investors believe that a country might not be able to payback its debts, they increase the interest rate. Each country in the eurozone has significant control over its finances, its social services and its banking sector. Greece, for example, like ...

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    In this 404 word solution the European economic crisis is discussed in-depth. It explains some of the reasons for the crisis and why it is such a difficult problem to solve.